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How Not Winning the Game Caused My Leadership To Grow

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Podcast: How Not Winning the Game Caused My Leadership to Grow

How often have you read or heard something that inspired you, but you took no action from that information?
How often have you allowed limiting beliefs to hold you back?

This is a story about a game that changed my life.

I am a person who reads many leadership and self help books. I have had a passion for personal growth and self development since high school. This content as well as information about health and wellness is my favourite.

It is always interesting to me though, despite the fact that I would label myself as a person who takes a fair amount of action in life, how rarely I act on the lessons I feel inspired by in books, podcasts or videos. I consume the information but it obviously doesn’t impact me deeply enough to cause me to behave in a new way.

Why is that??

For myself, I believe that the emotional connection to the content must strike a deeper cord in order to inspire action. Otherwise life simply takes over.

This is why I am such a proponent for attending in person events or working with coaches.

One of my conclusions with this, and my own personal truth around this is simple. Perhaps it may provide some clarity for you as well.

When I have EXPERIENCED the lesson first hand, (versus consuming the content on my own without an experience) it has propelled me to take more action.

One example of this happened in the end of 2015.
I will preface this by sharing that I have read/watched many leadership resources by John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Brendan Burchard etc. However, this moment in my life impacted me so deeply that it caused a dramatic enough shift which propelled me to take massive action.

I was attending a session called the Art of Leadership by a coach I greatly admire. The content was excellent, but it was one experiential activity that impacted me the most.

After a 9 hour day of learning, we were asked to participate in a ‘game’. Our group was divided in two and given the task.

Thus far in the event, I had not shown up as the leader I could be (or in my business) because of limiting beliefs mostly around not feeling enough.

I recognized the activity, having led it in a former career. However at that point in time my self confidence, belief in myself and my experience was so low . Despite knowing how to ‘win’ the game I ignored my intuition. I dismissed my experience and knowledge. I ignored the voice of leadership within.

All of this happened because I had this belief that the others around the table were better than me, smarter than me, that their leadership level in a particular organization qualified their opinions more.

This was all a bunch of baloney.

Baloney that many people believe.
I know I am not alone.

The story of how I believe I came to this place of low confidence and self belief is for another time.

We proceeded to play the game.
Everything inside of me was telling me to speak up and share my opinion. 
Finally I made a suggestion, but my confidence impacted the level of influence I had on the discussion and few listened. This was on me. Not them.

When we show up with confidence, our ability to influence dramatically increases. 

We proceeded to play the game and following the game the two teams were brought back together for the results and debrief.

What happened next is the turning point.
It actually turned out to be a TSN turning point in my life and business as well.

We learned that our team had lost the game by alot. As a competitive person, I was bummed.
But more significantly, I felt as though I had let everyone down. I felt this in the pit of my stomach. 

I put my hand up to share my experience and thoughts.

This is what I shared.

I shared that I recognized the game having used it in a team building session in a former career. I shared that despite knowing how to win the game, I kept quiet.
What I said out loud was that I didn’t want to ruin the experience for others. What really was going on inside my head was that I couldn’t possibly be right, I wasn’t a good enough leader like ‘them’ to have the answer and they wouldn’t listen to someone like me who hadn’t achieved a particular rank.

Again, all a bunch of baloney that was holding me back and ultimately held my team back from achieving the win.

Luckily, the facilitators could see and read between the lines that my limiting beliefs were in control of my behaviors and my ability to speak up during the game.

Luckily for me the facilitators had the courage to call me out on it because it was a tremendous gift.

The one facilitator looked me right in the eye after my share and said “Amy, you are the worst one in this room. (Harsh but impactful). This is because you knew the answer and didn’t step up as a leader to help your team. You had an opportunity to make a difference but allowed the voices in your head to win out. Where else is your leadership suffering because of this behavior?”

It may sound like something very harsh to say to someone. But it was a great gift.

It was the wake up call I needed to propel me to step up as the leader I knew I could be and the leader I had been in the past.

That experience of losing changed my life.

I share this story in hopes that you don’t need to feel like the ‘worst person in the room’ in order to learn the lesson.

I am here to show that even in losing the game we can learn.

This is important because on the outside I often appear to be a confident woman.

But we all have limiting beliefs.

I am grateful to have had this experience. It reminded me of who I want to be and how I want to show up in my business and life.

Have you had an experience that caused a great shift in your life or business journey? I would love to hear it!

Value of Time


Valuing your time is about more than time management. So much more.

As you live each day, you are creating your life.

What you do today – is actually creating your future – defining your destiny – shaping the person you are becoming

Robin Sharma says “There is no such thing as an unimportant day.”

Are you taking little steps to reach your greatest life?

Find Yourself, Find Your Independence

I struggled personally with not recognizing myself after baby. Can you relate? I was ecstatic to be a mother but things had changed.

I was once highly motivated, determined, involved in many initiatives, successful at work, organized and ready to take on the world. I had big dreams of making a massive impact but when you are in the ‘poop’ with little sleep the big dreams consist of wearing clean clothes, having a shower and getting a couple more hours of sleep. But a few months into being a new mom, when I had started to figure things out, I knew I had time, and a desire to get ‘me’ back.

If that wasn’t enough, I didn’t want to go back to ‘work’ and miss it all. Kids grow up so fast – when you have one you finally realize how true this is. I wanted to be present and find a way to earn income and use my skills and share my passions…and on an on…I wanted it all.

I wanted to Stay Home with Baby and Earn an Income…

If you answer yes to more than 2 of these questions, please keep reading.

– Are you a mom, who despite running the household (laundry, carpool, meals, cleaning, etc) you still feel as though you are not contributing to the bottom line?

– Are you a mom who wants to contribute to the bottom line, but still be able to be home with baby?

– Are you a mom who is searching for bits of her former self, wondering where the woman she ‘once was’, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has gone? And are you wondering how you can get ‘her’ back even a little bit?

– Are you a mom who has a desire to be a part of something outside the home again (for money, or for mental stimulation or both)?

– Are you a mom who despite the pure joy of having a family, you know you are destined to make a big impact in the world in some way?

– Are you a mom who is working full time in a job outside of the home, missing school events, missing playdates, trying to juggle the rest of the household duties, all while missing out on valuable time with your children for an income that is needed, but at a job you don’t enjoy?

– Are you a mom who looks in the mirror and is beyond grateful for the beautiful babies, the scars, the post-baby body and everything that signifies being a mom and wants to partner with other like minded moms who are making a difference in the world, one family at a time?


Well ladies, the good news is…We can have it all.

I have seen it firsthand.

And it is possible for you.

A beautiful abundant life is waiting for each of us.
Often we need to open our hearts and minds
to opportunities and blessings as they come our way.
We need to be ready and willing to receive
and then ready and willing to take action.

Perhaps you have never considered a home business with a baby, but maybe it is time.


Here are 10 ways a home business (with baby) could change your life.
There are so many more examples, this is just a few.

1. Being a member of a team, achieving something greater than yourself.

2. Friendship and support from like minded women.

3. Use of your numerous skill sets that have been on the back-burner.

4. Personal accomplishment and recognition.

5. Earning an additional (residual) income from the home.

6. Contributing to both your family and the bottom line.

7. Being able to choose where you spend time, when and where you choose to work.

8. Massive personal development and learning opportunities.

9. Full engagement in your child’s life.

10. Finding ‘YOU’ again.


Can you relate? Do you desire some or all of these things?

My vision is an international team of empowered moms who
support, mentor and encourage one another to be their best selves.

Together we can help families around the world,
while we work and  live our life at home and be a Mom-Boss with Pizazz.

As a team, we help people around the globe to create their own independence and freedom.

If you get excited about this concept, if you are a mom who wants more and wants to be a part of something huge.

Take a moment to learn how this could be possible for you.

I am grateful that you have taken your precious time to read this post.
Moms need to stick together.


Understanding Residual Income


Have you ever tried to explain the difference between ‘regular (linear) income’ vs residual income?

When you are new in this business, providing a clear explanation can be tough.

People often refer to examples like being a song writer, or an author of a book. They paint a good picture.

I loved the image above when I found it, because it gives a better demonstration of the differences between the two types of income. I found that it helps to paint a better picture of why we need to create another stream of income in this day.

One of the most influential leaders on this topic is Robert Kiyosaki. I absolutely love his Cash Flow Quadrant and encourage you to go and learn that information. It really demonstrates how creating residual income/passive income allows you to earn the income of a ‘Big Business’ without the overhead, fees, expenses and risk of the ‘Big Business’.

Go now and begin learning from Robert Kiyosaki!


Image Source:

3 Tips for Working at Home with Baby

I want to share three of my tips to have a successful home business with baby or kids of any age really 🙂

1. Time Management

Use your time wisely. Nap time is a beautiful thing and so is bed time.
In stead of sitting in front of the TV as your down time during these time periods, select a few nights you could commit to working on your business basics and use the other ‘TV’ nights to fold laundry, catch up on Facebook, etc. Everything can get done with a good strategy, and focused effort. Which brings me to tip 2.

2. Focus

When you are being a mom – be there. Be focused and present with your kids. Put your phone down for those minutes and cherish those interactions. Your kids will remember the amount of ‘screen time’ you had while they were kids. When it is time for household duties, focus on it and complete the desired tasks for that time period. Similarly for business, focus on the most important (and often hardest tasks) first. Get them done.

3. Celebrate the Small Wins

Just as it is so important to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of your growing children, it is also important to take a moment to celebrate those successes you have had each day in business and in life. If you accomplished getting the floors washed in the am, making 5 successful invitations for your business, spent time with your kids playing after school, made dinner and had 3 people watching an online presentation in the evening – give yourself a pat on the back. Most women and especially moms get little recognition for ALL that they do. So it is important to stop and if nothing else…congratulate yourself with an “Atta Girl” once in a while.

Another Way


Many of us grew up in the age of “Get and Education, then Get a Job”. It is what we were programmed to believe would give us security, stability and hope for our best future.

Our parents were proud to see us accomplish such a prestigious goal and we were ecstatic to be on the “right” path.

I am not knocking the experience and knowledge gained by pursuing higher education. I will be forever grateful for my time at university and all that I learned there. But it is no longer the “golden ticket” once perceived as the only way to a better life.

Our reality today is one with no job security, incredible amounts of stress, being overworked and underpaid all while we live in an incredibly abundant world. There is abundance available for all of us.

The beautiful thing is that there is another way to create the life you desire.

Many people have learned this method, implemented it and are living in a state of financial success and time freedom that even the most educated and successful people desire but fail to achieve.

Perhaps you are a successful business person who feels trapped in the corporate world, unsure of how you can maintain your finances if you decided to leave. There is another way to replace your current income, allowing for less stress, more time freedom and financial security.

Perhaps you are a health care professional (personal trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, etc) who is looking to reduce the number of hours you work, reduce the stress you experience from generating clients, serving enough clients to produce the income you desire and are desperate to find another way to attain the life you really want.

Perhaps you are a trained teacher with an immense passion to educate and inspire, but you are unable to find a permanent teaching job in a saturated market. There is another way to share your passion and enthusiasm, but you have to look elsewhere at this time.

Perhaps you are a real-estate agent who is looking for another way to generate clients, maintain a close connection and relationship with your current clients and desire additional income to offset the slower months when houses are not selling.

Perhaps you are someone who is not listed here that is looking for another way.

For every single individual, creating a beautiful abundant life looks and feels unique.

Maybe you are satisfied with your income but want to experience more time freedom.
Maybe you love what you do but don’t have enough clients or the income you really want in order to have the life you imagined.
Maybe you have a desire to have the ability to give generously to your favourite charity or your place of worship, but are currently unable to.
The point is that there is another way. If you want to make a change, perhaps taking a look will give you a new perspective and possibility lead you in the direction of creating the beautiful abundant life you deserve!

Entrepreneur Mindset

shiftI have spent some time listening to this brilliant audio program and it really is one of the best resources I have found for individuals who have recently entered into the entrepreneurial world. Honestly, someone who has been around for a while will pick up amazing nuggets as well.

I love how Darren Hardy explains aspects of this new life with simplicity and brings in the big guys like Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki to add even more strength and credibility to an already amazing audio.

A few of my person aha moments include:

  • Use the system – Don’t mess with it.
  • A great way to explain leverage: Earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts vs 100% of your own efforts.

Get a copy for yourself and discover many amazing aha moments that will change the way you take action in your business.

I highly recommend this audio to improve and develop your own entrepreneurial mindset.

In this business, your mindset is everything. Get your copy here today!