You Deserve To Feel Amazing

And you can.
With accountability.
With action.
With simplification.

3 Benefits of Working with Amy include:

- Uncovering limiting beliefs and mindset patterns that hold you back from achieving the wellness & life goals you have

- Creation of a systemized and simple approach to putting your own needs, desires and goals on your to-do list

- Deeper connection to and realization of your confidence, worthiness and feeling enough

If you’re a woman who has felt your own needs slipping, you feel disconnected from who you are, and the lifestyle you now have, you are not alone. With a holistic approach to health and mindset, you will learn to take small, significant, and consistent daily actions towards creating the health and mindset you desire.
From this point on, you are not alone.

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.”

~ John Maxwell

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.”

~ John Maxwell

Are You Ready to Have a Guide?

Are you a working mother who feels exhausted, frustrated, and alone?

Do you burn yourself out making everyone else happy?

Is your self care non-existent or rarely scheduled into your daily agenda?

If you answered yes to the questions above,
it is time to take action.

Step 1:  Book a Consult to determine if Amy is the right person to coach you.

Step 2:  Commit to coaching for you, because you are worth it, and you want to feel amazing, not just good.

Step 3:  Follow through on the commitments you set forth for yourself in each coaching session. Experience the difference in yourself and your life.

All of the most successful people have a coach, because they know the importance of having someone in their corner.

Having a coach is like having a tour guide or quality GPS system, so you can get the most out of your journey.

A coach helps improve the process, uncovers blind spots, identifies obstacles and setbacks and provide accountability.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

~ Jim Rohn

How I Can Help You


During covid everyone has had to pivot. More than ever before busy, working professionals have experienced high levels of stress and greatly reduced wellness practices.  Consider how having your team infused with passion, wellness knowledge and energy could improve their productivity? Learn more about the wellness webinars for your team.

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Wellness &
Mindset Coaching

Coaching is all about you. It works because the answers are your own. Imagine connecting with what you really want. Imagine realizing you are enough. Imagine you take action, consistently because of real accountability and achieve your goals. There is no script. There is no one-size fits all approach. It is about you.
You and your unique life.

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Everyone eats. But from time to time you may feel like you have gone off track. Following the 80-20 rule and creating healthy habits are two areas that can make a difference. Having accountability around specific action steps  is the key to making real progress in shifting your nutrition. Take back control over your eating, energy and connection to food.

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Kind Words From Friends

"Amy is a genuine and wonderful person, who is caring & wants to see the best in everyone. She really embraces the changes her clients are looking for. Amy not only looks for all nutritional balances but really dives in to the emotional and mental changes that go along with a new healthy lifestyle change She will hold you to your goals and be with you the whole way!"

~ Corrina Carson

What If You Could Feel Worthy & Enough Everyday?

How worthy do you feel right now, on a scale of 1-10?

How often do you put your own goals and needs on the backburner?

Answering these questions, does something need to change?

If you're not satisfied with your answers, perhaps it is time to reach out and let me help you on your journey!

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Listen Up!


Do you constantly put everyone else's interests ahead of your own? You might be a chronic People Pleaser! Join Wellness & Life Coach Amy Ballantyne every week for practical discussions on how to say no (and mean it). Fortify your mindset, beliefs and face the fears that are holding you back from feeling empowered and living your very best life!!

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Mr. Poop!

Helping Kids Everywhere
to have a Good Poop!

My Book, Mr. Poop explains the process of digestion and how food becomes nutrients to help our body and the leftover waste becomes poop. He also shares his tips for helping kid's to understand what constipation is, why it is important to have healthy and nutritious foods and to drink lots of water. It can also be helpful for children who have experienced constipation.

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