My Story

Everyday, I strive to live an awesome life!

Helping me do this, are my three beautiful kids, who light up my world and make me laugh constantly! You can often find us dancing around the living room and making silly faces and funny voices at each other. I try to instil in them the same values I do with my clients; that trying new things, exploring our creative sides and having fun are the path to determining our “awesome life”.

That life includes giving back to others in any way I can. My wonderful husband follows his passions and gives back to the community in many ways. Volunteering is important to us, and we believe that the donation of time and energy is equally as important as money. Currently my time and energy go to supporting Ovarian Cancer Canada – Walk of Hope, The True Health Foundation and my kids’ School Council.

When I’m not volunteering, my day involves following my passions by mentoring and coaching others to attain optimal health, discover new pathways to freedom and realize their greatest dreams.

I believe that eating really great, nutritious food, moving the body and creating kick-ass habits are what creates the foundation for achieving optimal health. As a recent graduate with Precision Nutrition, I am excited to take my ability to support clients in their goals of losing 10lbs- all the way up to 100lbs to a whole other level. The ProCoach system is an incredible app that allows clients to have access to habit reminders, accountability, tracking and workout programs.

My experience as a Nutritional Therapist from the Health Sciences Academy taught me just how difficult it can be to get enough nutrients from our food these days. That is why I also advocate for taking high quality vitamins and minerals daily to nourish and protect our bodies at a cellular level.

My product partner is Usana Health Sciences. Finding a product partner I could trust was really important to me. With Usana and their science based approach, I have confidence personally consuming and recommending their products which are produced to pharmaceutical grade standards in an FDA approved manufacturing facility, where what is on the label is in the bottle. Additionally, I was excited by their Athlete Guarantee ( which states that their professional and Olympic athletes will not test for a banned substance. They put their money behind this statement with a one million dollar athlete guarantee. This is truly unique in the supplement industry and shows the safety and high quality of these products. It is the reason over 3000+ professional and Olympic athletes trust their health to Usana, as their body is their business.

Being a former personal trainer and pre/post natal fitness specialist, I also prioritize daily physical activity for my family, my clients and me! Rounding out my equation for an awesome life is my focus on continuous personal development. Having studied and participated in numerous workshops and courses on the concepts of leadership, abundance, communication and health, I’m able to help others on their personal growth journey.

Taking time to reflect on the multitude of blessings in my life I recognize how grateful I am to be able to make a living doing the things I love, surrounded by people I love! It is with that gratitude in my heart that I find my true purpose:

My purpose in life is to help thousands of people around the world to realize their own incredible potential, to live their healthiest life possible, to achieve their dreams and to experience the happiness they hold in their heart.


I believe we go further together, than we ever could alone. That's why I'm here to support you. These are some of the organizations the I help, and that have given me more than I ever could have given them, despite my best efforts. They've helped shape my life, and how I help other's shape theirs. I couldn't be more proud to have them in my corner, and to be in theirs.

"Your daily habits matter. Moving the needle everyday in the direction of your goal is what creates habits that can change your life.”

~ Amy Ballantyne

Kind Words From Friends

"Amy is one of those people that you want to work with. She has a open, friendly smile, and a profound respect for everyone she interacts with. She can hear your story and your difficulties with low energy and high weight and help you find gentle ways to have a healthier relationship with yourself. She can help you lose weight and appreciate yourself better and make it not feel like it's just work - and that you don't have to do it all alone."

~ Anita Kilgour