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Speaking out!

I have been speaking since elementary school, well, technically since the age of one plus a bit... Whether it's in the smaller training sessions and workshops I run, or in front of larger crowds at schools, offices, or conferences, I love to make people laugh and engage with the content I share.

I'm passionate about topics which include health & wellness, self confidence & motivation, leadership & getting involved, and the value of time, abundance vs scarcity mindset and more.

I love the workshop style setting where I can not only share my own stories and experiences, but also hear those from my guests, and I like the audience to take action on the content I present. It's my job to inspire new mindsets and actions, in order to solidify the experience.

“The more room you give yourself to experience your thoughts and feelings, the more room there is for your wisdom to emerge"

~ Marianne Williamson

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In this podcast, I share the lessons I've learned in leadership, parenting, health, and business throughout over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Stay tuned, more episodes are on the way!

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Eating Right

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This is the perfect time to get extra support! If you are excited to make a long lasting change, I am here to help you create the sustainable healthy habits required.

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Kind Words From Friends

"Amy is dynamic! She captures the audience with her smile. She speaks the truth for many woman when it comes to time and the value of it. I watched the women listening and engaging in the activities with intensity and passion. Thank you Amy for being the keynote speaker at our event. I forward to attending Amy’s future speaking engagements.”

~ Donna Simpson