Wellness & Mindset Coaching

Clarify Wellness. Create Habits.
Achieve Your Goals.

You deserve to feel healthy.
You are not alone.
Health can be confusing.

Coaching Can Help You Get Clear.
Coaching Can Help You Create Habits.
Coaching Can Help You Get Results.

There are 2 options

Join a group coaching program or personal coaching

Group Coaching

Up Your Health Game - Group Coaching

6 Week - Group Coaching = $120 CAD

▸Time management strategies for health habits

▸Self care routines

▸Health concepts made simple

▸Shed weight by learning what to eat, portion sizes, and more
▸Create long term health habits around sleep, water, movement


Next Session: Fridays at 12:00pm – Nov 13th-Dec 18th

Group Minimum: 4 people

This is for individuals who want:

▸Accountability, knowledge and support
▸6 x 45 minute ZOOM coaching calls
▸Weekly coaching/teaching
▸Health habit challenges
▸Q&A time

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Personal Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity for you to make incredible shifts in your life.

It is like having the support to go faster, with more efficiency toward your chosen destination, just like using a GPS in your car.

The sessions are a space which is safe, empowering, inspiring and all about you.
It is my job to help you find your internal strength and to tap into the lessons you have already learned. I support through guiding you toward your own knowing and guidance;  bringing it out of you in a more powerful way.

Focused Areas are up to you.

Your Goals = Your Agenda.
I simply hold you accountable to what you really want to shift in your life.

Past clients have focused on:
Shifting mindset,  limiting beliefs, stories and negative self talk.
Connecting more deeply to their self love and self care.
Increasing confidence and communication skills.
Deepening their connection to being enough, worthy and loved.
Creating personal plans for performance, time management and organization in their work and life.
Creating an overall wellness plan. Actually make exercise a habit, drinking water a habit, taking supplements a habit, quality sleep a habit. 

Wellness & mindset are critical when living an intentional life and performing at a high level.

If you are ready to shift. I am here to be your guide.


“First, it is an intention. Then a behaviour. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.”

~ Brendon Burchard

Kind Words From Friends

"I highly recommend Amy as a nutrition coach for anyone that has tried all the diets without any lasting success because Amy understands that weight loss is not about the specific diet that you follow but about how you think and feel about yourself and food. She is calm, non-judgemental and supportive. And the program she delivers allows you to work gradually at your goals and develop healthy habits, which you choose for yourself, to reach lasting success with losing weight. It's not just about food and exercise, and you will find her guidance will help with a whole hearted change that you will be able to sustain."

~ Julie Tauro