Wellness & Weight Management Coaching

What if this year could be your Healthiest Year ever?

What would have to change for that to happen?,

Is it about more energy, improved time management for self care, accountability around exercise, weight-loss support, perhaps your relationship with the foods you choose or a defeating mindset? Regardless of your goal, this is what I do. I believe wellness requires a holistic approach to creating sustainable habits.

There are 2 options
a group coaching program and personal coaching

Group Coaching

Healthiest Year Yet Group Coaching.
Perhaps you want to have a better handle on your time management and self care routines and/or you want to shed some weight and create healthier habits. Only you know what would make this your Healthiest Year Yet, and I can help you with that!

This is for individuals who want the accountability, knowledge and support of a coach. This group gives you access to weekly coaching and health habit challenges as well as the opportunity to learn from other women who experience similar challenges. Included in the Group Coaching Program:

▸ Weekly Accountability & Coaching Zoom Call – Every Monday *8:30pm EST
▸ Opportunity to discuss personal challenges on the group call.
▸ Holistic Tools such as Meditation, EFT and Reflection exercises.
▸ Specific learning components so you can have a deeper understanding of what is happening in your body and brief reflection exercises for you to connect to the emotional side of your transformation.

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Personal Coaching

Focused Areas include:

Nutrition, nutrients in (macro and micro), improving the quality and meal planning/ prep coaching.

Accountability for movement (both cardio and strength training) and ensuring the intake of food will allow for you to meet your goals (weight loss, maintain, gain).

Mindset, focusing on limiting beliefs, stories and negative self talk.

Stress Reduction through understanding stress hormones, additional stress on the body and reducing stress through EFT and meditation.

Answer the statement:
If I did this/felt this/had this _______________, I would have my healthiest year yet.

With your answer, I can design a specific plan to meet your needs!

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“First, it is an intention. Then a behaviour. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.”

~ Brendon Burchard

Kind Words From Friends

"I highly recommend Amy as a nutrition coach for anyone that has tried all the diets without any lasting success because Amy understands that weight loss is not about the specific diet that you follow but about how you think and feel about yourself and food. She is calm, non-judgemental and supportive. And the program she delivers allows you to work gradually at your goals and develop healthy habits, which you choose for yourself, to reach lasting success with losing weight. It's not just about food and exercise, and you will find her guidance will help with a whole hearted change that you will be able to sustain."

~ Julie Tauro