I am a BIG fan of individuals who are passionate about teaching.

I believe that teachers (especially the passionate ones) are some of the greatest unsung hero’s behind our children – the future of tomorrow.

With so many out-of-work teachers, the point I want to emphasize in this post is that there are other options out there for the thousands of students graduating from teachers college every year in a work force that is SATURATED with teachers.

Sadly the options for these out-of-work teachers are few and rarely allow for their true passion to be utilized. These options can sometimes cause a family to have to move to a new community, to take a drastic cut in pay and even create an undesirable lifestyle (working long hours for little pay at a job they don’t like or want).

Here are a few options I have witnessed teachers doing while they wait and hope for their chance in the classroom:

  • Teach overseas
  • Teach English online
  • Create an online course (udemy)
  • Get a temporary job (office admin, tutor, retail)
  • Continue to volunteer in a classroom without income

There is another option. It may be a solution for you if you are looking for additional income and a chance to ‘teach’.  It has been a great solution for many qualified teachers and provides income and improved lifestyle.

“After moving back here from teaching overseas, I was looking for a way to earn income while I waited to get on the supply list. I wanted some financial security that could fit in my pocket and go with us wherever we went.” JW

I am not a teacher, but have surrounded myself with some pretty amazing teachers over the years. What I have learned that can absolutely change the game for the thousands of teaching students who graduate every year, who struggle to find a teaching job after is this:

Teaching happens in more places than the traditional classroom. If you are passionate about helping people to ‘learn’ then perhaps what you are ‘teaching’ doesn’t have to matter as long as it is content that you can be passionate about.

If you have a gift for helping individuals to embrace new concepts, then I challenge you to open your mind to an alternate solution available, where you can become the “teacher” you want to be.

Are you a teacher finished teachers college without a full time contract?
Are you a teacher with a partial LTO, on the supply list or at the bottom of the supply list?

Are you a teacher looking for the opportunity to share your passion of teaching…willing to be open to teaching and sharing NEW curriculum??

Our tribe is seeking qualified teachers to join our mission.

  • This program is heavily based on the ability to deliver information in a fun, friendly and effective manner.
  • The curriculum is clearly outlined and ALL training is provided for you.
  • The compensation structure is residual (very different from the structure in a typical educational environment which is linear).
  • Recognition and personal growth is a priority and focus.
  • You have the opportunity to share your passion for teaching and improve the quality of life for yourself and those around you.

As a parent I am always happy to hear of the many incredible individuals who enter teachers college filled with the strong desire to make an impact on the youth in our schools.

As a business person I often wonder why people continue to attend teachers college (right now) knowing their chance for landing a job in the school system (for the next decade or so) is extremely slim.

I imagine it must be a difficult decision.

This could be a temporary solution or a full time solution for you. The point is that it is a SOLUTION.

At this moment, passionate and qualified teachers are sitting around by the phones hoping for a job to come up. Is this you?

Why not take the opportunity to check out a possible solution that could be exactly what you are looking for!

A solution that could provide income and time freedom doing what you love: Teaching!