2 Min Transition Tool

The 2-Minute Transition Tool

Clients continue to share that their stress is on the rise as they face the realities of this post covid working environment.

Can you relate to: many on-line meetings, rarely moving from your desk, beginning work earlier and earlier, eating through lunch or not eating at all, working later and later into the evening? Can you relate to feeling stuck in your stress?

As a Wellness & Life Coach who frequently supports busy, working professionals with managing and reducing stress, I am all about helping clients to find strategies that are practical and really make a difference.

One of these strategies is the 2 Minute Transition Tool. This 2 minutes is well worth the reduction in cortisol and increase in focus it can provide.

Anytime we desire to make a change in our life, we are far more likely to be successful in that change when we connect to the deeper ‘WHY’ behind it.

Before I outline the steps of the 2 Minute Transition Tool, I invite you to consider why it is important for you to get a handle on your stress?

How is stress impacting your mental, physical and emotional well-being? If nothing changes, how will your stress impact your life going forward? What do you notice about your answers?

If you feel like it is time to take control of your stress and take action, I invite you to try this strategy for 5 consecutive working days. But start with today. Start right now!

The 2 Minute Transition Tool is really quite simple.

  1. Decide when in the day you are feeling the most stagnant and stressed.
  2. Open the timer app on your phone, set it for 2 minutes.
  3. Stand up.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths and then shake your body out. (If you have heard of shaking your sillies out from childhood, imagine that). Shake your hands, your arms, your head, your waist, your legs. Take 3 more deep breaths. Ideally this lasts for 2 minutes.
  5. Other options instead of shaking could be jumping jacks, wall or desk push-ups, boxing punches, raise the roof hand motion, pat your head and rub your belly… are you following along? The idea is to connect to your body, to move your body and your breath, to unhook from the moment and be silly, and have fun. If you happen to have a little giggle or chuckle while completing your 2 minute transition, that is even more powerful.
    Decide today to make a shift in your day by implementing the 2 Minute Transition Tool. Taking this time to reduce your stress, could make a world of difference in not only your personal well-being, but also your effectiveness and focus at work!

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