I am always filled with emotion when a new team member of mine, changes someone’s life for the first time simply by sharing their story. The enthusiasm, the potential, the inspiration that lights up their face is incredible. It gives me a great sense of joy to know that they are seeing the impact they can have. That it isn’t particularly hard or challenging when it is done with honesty, integrity and from an authentic place.

Every day we share stories and opinions about new movies, new restaurants, and the latest hot video on YouTube. All we are doing is sharing a story. Imagine if every time you shared your stories or you shared your opinion you could actually support someone; you could help a person lose weight or change their health or even turn their lives around?

This is our business. This is what I do every day and what the individuals who have decided to join me do every day. When we share our stories, everyone wins.

We open our hearts and we share what is working in our lives for our families and friends who have dared to listen to what we have to say. Who have dared to see past any of their own fears and doubts (that are self-inflicted) to see that we are simply sharing a story of our own opinion of something that has worked.

In sharing our stories we provide that social proof the majority of people so desperately seek. Are others experiencing the same results? Yes. Are others feeling better? Yes. Are others really enjoying more energy and vitality? Yes.

Sadly what goes through many people’s minds is this. Is it simply a sales gimmick? Well let’s not be fooled. No one stops to question the thousands of sales gimmicks that surround us every single second when we listen to the radio, when we turn on the TV or social media…but when I share a story, about how I have helped someone, people worry about my “sales tactics”. LOL. I am no marketing genius. I am simply an enthusiastic, passionate, determined woman who has a huge vision to help others to live their best, most beautiful life. In sharing my stories, I am able to help people. Those who will listen and who will hear, from my heart that I genuinely care about helping people. Those who see that I genuinely want to make a difference are those who realize that there are no sales tactics here. I believe, because I have seen firsthand, through real results, from real people and therefore I am able to authentically share stories of individuals whose lives have been changed forever.

It is a big win for me, when a new teammate gets energized and enthusiastic, because I know that they are experiencing an even bigger win inside. They are experiencing the feeling of being significant. Just as Jim Rohn puts it “being a part of someone else’s story”. If by sharing a story I can help one person have better energy, lose weight and feel awesome when looking in the mirror, be able to run after years of pain or get a good nights sleep then it is a win. I encourage my teammates to keep sharing stories and I will keep telling my stories, because after all I believe in a situation where everyone wins.