Here are 5 Healthy Happy Holiday Tips to get you through the season in a healthy way to begin the creation of a true lifestyle change for the new year!!

  1. You don’t have to push away all of the desserts (it is the holidays after all), but try to push away at a minimum the equivalent of one full sized chocolate bar or more. Do not take the extra helping of sweets, the 4th, 5th, 6th chocolate at the dinner party, the extra slice of pie. Although delicious, the act of pushing away some of those ‘extra’ calories during the holidays will mean you won’t put on the additional weight and be further behind in your weight loss goals in January.
  2. Choose club soda instead of tonic water if you are deciding between these two options. If you are looking for a fancy drink option that doesn’t have alcohol, you can always go for a club soda with lemon or lime so you can have a drink in your hand. Less sugar being added to the bottom line is key.
  3. Schedule exercise into your calendar the day after your holiday party. Go for a walk, attend a class, follow a video on YouTube. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you must begin burning these calories in December. Don’t wait for January to start making exercise a priority. A recent stat showed that 95% of the population does not get the recommended 30 min of moderate exercise per day. Use the holiday parties as your motivation to get moving!
  4. Do something for someone else this holiday season to boost your energy and add more joy to the season for yourself and others. There are many organizations that need help sorting, packing and delivering food and gifts to those in need. Being a part of this will feed your soul in ways you cant imagine.
  5. Be truly grateful. Regardless of your situation, take a moment during this season and be grateful for where you are, who you are and most importantly where you are going. We all need to be grateful for the opportunity we have to experience yet another day, another holiday, another year.