No Time for Yourself?

Feeling Like You Have No Time for Yourself?

Do you find yourself often wishing for the weekend?

If you are like many of my clients, you feel excited for the time away from work, but also mildly stressed by the giant to-do list of things you ‘should’ get done battling against the list of what you really want to do on the weekend.

Tip 1: Take stock

My first tip when you are feeling like you have no time for yourself is to really take stock of your time.
Where are you spending your time?
Where is your time going?
Where is it being used productively and unproductively?

If I were to ask you to give me a play-by-play could you do that?

Or do you find that your time flies by and you feel frustrated because all of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ never happened?

Before we can address the situation of managing and creating real expectations for ourselves, first we must get clear on what you are doing with your time.

Most of the time when I help my clients make the time, they have no actual idea what they want to do with it.
Is that you?

If you had the time would you have clarity, confidence and commitment to follow through and use that time for yourself?

Or would your natural, habitual default of taking care of everyone and everything else first, rule that time?

Tip 2: What Would You Do with Time?

My second tip when you are feeling like you have no time for yourself is to get super clear on what you would really like to do for you.
What would you do with 5 extra minutes that would make you feel good?
What about 10, 20, 30minutes?
What would you do with a whole day or a whole week to yourself?

Can I be real with you?
There is no point working on your time management, prioritization, self care mindset and expectation management, if you have no idea what you will do with that NEW time.

Also, if you are not ready to really make the shift away from everyone being more important, then settle into this feeling of having no time for you.

But, if you are ready to make yourself a priority, to take micro moments and even bigger moments for you… then step 2 is to take a moment, even while washing dishes, folding laundry, or sitting on the toilet to dream.

Get crystal clear.

Will you do that??? For you??

Tip 3: Clarify Expectations

I had a coaching client who came to me because she was nearing burnout.
She was hopping onto her work email at 7am after rolling out of bed and getting coffee.
She was working through lunch and constantly taking more and more on her plate, never saying no.
This woman found herself working late into the evening because she felt she had to and because she thought it was expected for someone in her position.
She had no time to eat healthy.
It was rare to do anything fun with friends or family.
Moving her body wasn’t ever happening.
All she did was work and then watch a bit of TV before bed to wind down.
This woman was 25 years old.
Can relate to this picture I have painted for you?

She was not just tired. She was exhausted.
But she wanted to move up in the company.
She wanted a raise and a title change.
So how could she possibly even think about the elusive “BALANCE”…
How could she ever have time for herself???

(Theatrical music plays here)

My third tip when you are feeling like you have no time for yourself is to get clarity on expectations in your world. Expectations from your boss, from your partner and from yourself.
Most importantly from yourself.

What are the ACTUAL expectations for starting time and finishing time for work?
What are the actual expectations (and delegation) of household chores or is it unwritten/unspoken?
Are you the person setting unrealistic and unnecessary expectations causing it to feel like you really have no control over any of your time?

Clarity is key.
Communication is the next step.

I encourage you to reflect.

Tip 4: Notice the Actions

I deeply believe that big change is created by little actions done consistently over time.

These little actions are tremendously important, even though sometimes we don’t give them the credit they deserve.

The moment you take to wash your face and put day cream on it.
This is doing something for yourself. It is taking time for yourself.

Taking a moment to style your hair or put on an outfit that makes you feel good. This is taking time for yourself.

Reading a book, making yourself a smoothie, watering the flowers in bare feet. These are all examples of taking time for yourself.

We wear “BEING BUSY” as a badge of honor and miss out on noticing that there are many moments (if we chose to see them) that are moments for ourselves.

Even making subtle shifts to how we do the chore can really turn how we see the time we spend on that activity.

For example. I “have” to water the garden. It is a chore. But it can also be a gift.
It is a moment every moment where I stop to breathe, I sometimes kick off my sandals and wiggle my toes in the bare grass, and I look at the beautiful things that are growing. 

A chore now is a moment for me.

My fourth tip when you are feeling like you have no time for yourself is to see if you can shift how you view some of the activities you are already doing. And CELEBRATE that you are already doing those things for yourself! You do in fact have time for you!!

If you are struggling with how to make this happen, I can help.

Shifting our perspective, beliefs and mindset is possible. Improving time management, prioiritization, communication, personal boundaries and expectations are all components I teach and support through coaching.

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