Is Life Coaching Better than Therapy?

Is Life Coaching Better than Therapy?

I had a consultation recently where the person shared something interesting.

They heard on a podcast that Life Coaching was better than Therapy.
This deeply resonated with her as she had undergone years of therapy for past challenges and was ready for something different.

LISTEN UP –  I am not knocking therapy.
It is amazing and helps millions of people to heal from trauma and past challenges.

But coaching is different.
It is about today. 
Coaching is about taking actions in this present moment to improve your life.
You are challenged to look at situations and beliefs from a new perspective.
Coaching can hekp you move faster and further than taking the journey on your own.

In Life Coaching we can focus on areas such as  relationships, wellness, communication, job performance/ success and more.
We rarely look back on the past and if we do it is to pull the learning from it to apply to today.

Both coaching and therapy are tremendously valuable and have their own place.

And I am excited to share that I am making coaching more accessible!!!
Sometimes people can not experience the benefits of having a coach for a variety of reasons.

If this is you, and you want to try coaching then the Group Coaching Membership may be the right thing for you!!

Doors will open for a very limted time at the end of September.

This is for those women who are ready to stop saying “someday” and to take action in their life TODAY!

Perhaps you want to improve your communication with your family, or maybe it is creating real long-term wellness habits so you can feel better. Others focus on improvements in their work so they feel less stress and overwhelm.
The topic you focus on is up to you, but the community and the experience is one of accountability, action and  celebration.

Life is too short to wait for ‘someday’..
With accountability, encouragement, support and coaching we can acccomplish anything!!
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