Me First Method

This is course is for the woman who has been putting herself last for too long and is ready to shift this behavior.

She wants tools that she can implement in her life as needed to address her self care, self doubt, feelings of guilt and need to prioritize.

She knows deep down that when she feels better, has more energy and the space to decompress that she will be able to show up in an even bigger way for those who matter most in her life.

The Me First course gave a great overview of so many areas in my life that I can choose to work on. It was full of real-life, relatable examples that I can apply to my own life. I finished the course with tangible goals I set for myself, and a desire to continue to make positive change.


1) Creating Clarity and Feeling Enough

In this class you will learn strategies to create clarity for personal wellness habits, how to reduce overwhelm and specific wellness tips and tricks for women (including developing a deeper connection to worthiness and feeling enough).

2) Wellness Tools for a Holistic Approach

In this class you will learn specific strategies to boost your eating and movement habits that can fit into your busy life as a woman. Wellness is far more than eating and exercise. In this class you will learn strategies to support you in other areas of your wellbeing. This includes information on sleep, supplementation, water, energy management and more.

3) Guilt Unraveled

In this class you will learn tools to uncover the guilt you are feeling, the triggers that cause them, and action steps you can take to unravel the hold guilt has on your life.

4) The Power of Boundaries

In this class you will learn why boundaries are so important, the barriers that some women face and strategies for implementing them in your own life.

5) Time Management / Prioritization Tools

As women we are often (but not always) the master for organizing our household. In this class, you will learn specific strategies that have helped hundreds of other women/families to reduce overwhelm and stress when it comes to managing time.

6) Mindset: Shifting Limiting Beliefs and Boosting Positive Mental Health Strategies

Our mindset is something critical to be aware of. In this class you will learn strategies you can implement to begin shifting limiting beliefs and boost your positive mental health.

I had a fabulous group coaching experience! The calls were engaging and thought-provoking. You can tell that Amy loves what she does! Her vibrant energy is contagious! After each call we had specific tasks that helped to “move the needle” just a little each week. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a boost when it comes to prioritizing wellness and self-care!

Jessica McQuistin

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Jessica McQuinstin of Blog Along the Way wrote a beautiful testimonial blog post of her experience in this course.

Here is an example:

Week 4: The Power of Boundaries

This session widened my perspective on boundaries to include the concept of mindset boundaries or energetic boundaries. For example, we can create inner boundaries by deciding not to allow other people’s emotions or opinions to affect us negatively. In fact, we can even decide whether or not we want to hold onto or let go of our own negative beliefs or critical self-talk! I will continue to mull over these concepts and how to apply them to my own life.”

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