The Best Thing You Can Do This Holiday

The Best Thing
Take the pressure off, tune into what YOU need and do that.

Honestly, no one can tell you what the ‘best thing’ is for you to do this holiday season, except you

When I really started seeing myself and feeling myself as worthy, things began to change.

When I took actions towards increasing my confidence things started to change.

When I got deep with my own coach about my fears, doubts and worries and took action steps to reduce those feelings, things started to change.

I can’t tell you what the ‘best thing’ is for you to do this holiday season, because only you know what fuels you, only you know what lights you up, only you know what makes you feel joy and what makes you feel loved.

Only you know these things.
And if you don’t know them yet… if you are seeking that clarity, I invite you to take a few moments this holiday season to think and reflect on those questions.

What would help you feel more connected in this crazy time?
What would help you to feel love and joy?
What would help you to feel rested and rejuvinated?
What would help to reduce the pressure and overhwelm you feel?
What are the stories you ‘get to’ (not need to) let go of?

This will give you the answer to what the ‘best things’ are for you to do this holiday season!

You have the answers within you!!
We each do.

This is why I love being a coach. 
That lightbulb moment when the answer bubbles up from within.
The moment when a client feels what is the most true and real for them.

I simply shine the light on areas they may be holding themselves back.
I hold up the mirror, reflecting back the words they are saying to themselves and others so they can see that often the words and stories they are saying out loud are not in fact their own truth.

There are a few tips I can give for this covid holiday season #2.

1) Listen to your gut/ intuition about what feels right for you and your family and share in the most loving way possible what you need to feel safe and comfortable. Changing plans is ok. At some point in life we get to stand up for our own selves and our own needs. Sure people may be upset, but if we all showed a little more understanding and compassion it would go a long way.

2) Receive news from family and friends with grace if they are changing plans because of covid resitrictions and wanting to honour themselves.
It is not about you!
Celebrate them for following their own hearts and intution about what is best for themselves and their family. 
These changes are not permanent. Be aware of the stories that are forming in your head about this.

3) Be present with those you will see this holiday season. Enjoy the food through smell and taste. Notice the twinkling lights on your tree and on the houses around you. Hear the crunch of your footsteps on the snow. Be present. 
We get to enjoy this moment, no matter how different it may look this year.

4) Eat veggies. Lots of veggies. Drink water. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Take your vitamins (they don’t work just sitting in the bottle). Move your body every day (yes walking is wonderful, so are counter push-ups). I dare you to try those!

5) Connect with loved ones over the phone (old-school!) or on zoom.
At least we have this ability. During the war, people waited months and months for letters to arrive. We can see our family with a click of a button.
I am beyond grateful for you 
Wishing you a very happy holiday!!!

And I am offering you this gift.

I created it after hundreds of hours in coaching individuals around the topic of making themselves a prioirty.

I know that there will be information in this guide which you will find useful if you can relate to frequently putting yourself last!