How To Reduce Hot Flashes

Frequent and frustrating hot flashes can cause tremendous frustration and embarrassment.

I would wake up completely drenched. I’d have to get up and change my night shirt fully because I was soaked absolutely through.

And then on top of that, the thing that scared me the most is that for me, I had pretty serious brain fog, mental fog. And that’s the thing that really was the catalyst for me to go and seek out help.

Did you know that 85% of women who are in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause are experiencing these symptoms?

That’s bologna and it lasts approximately from 7 to 14 years?
No, thank you.

So I’m excited to tell you a bit more about EstroPro™.
My name is Amy Ballantyne and as a Holistic Health Coach, I have helped many women over the years with a variety of health challenges that they have been experiencing. I’m very excited to tell you what makes EstroPro™

There are four clinically studied botanical extracts. Isoflavones from red clover and soy and extracts from licorice and flax seed. Now what’s really cool about this (and I’m going to get a little bit ‘sciencey’ and geeky here), is that our cells have these receptors that are made for estrogen.

When our estrogen is fine or not in perimenopause or post menopause, our estrogen flows into those receptors and we don’t have any symptoms. These nutrients have been studied extensively and what’s really cool about them is they’re called phytoestrogen. So they actually have similar structural components as estrogen.

Okay. They act like estrogen. We can take in these plant nutrients, and they actually fit into those receptors nicely. And help us to not have those symptoms, to that same higher degree.

What if you could wake up feeling refreshed?

What if you could sleep the whole night through without having night sweats and having to get up?

What if you could go through an entire Zoom meeting or experience with your family without having to go through that entire hot flash in front of everyone, feeling embarrassed and, and uncertain of when
this is going to happen next?

There is this possibility for you.

For a small investment of less than $40.
You could give this product to try.
And the great thing is that there is a 30 day money back guarantee and
you get me your health cheerleader following up, checking in with you to see how things are going.

This is a great opportunity for you to not feel those hot flashes and the mood swings, all of these things that you’ve been going through. And if it’s not you, please share this video with someone you know is going
through this because there is an option for relief.

I challenge you to click that link right now. Trust me, I’ve had the mind fog.
I know what it’s like for things to just get lost in the day or for us to push our own health needs aside.

Click the link.
So you can get back to feeling like yourself.

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