Jump Start Your Health

I get it. Change isn’t easy. Creating habits takes time. But don’t stress! As I often talk about, having a small win is all it takes to jumpstart a big transformation. That is really the key with the USANA® 5-Day RESET™ kit. In only five days, you’ll be taking steps toward becoming a healthier version of you.

I love this kit because it is simple and it contains all of what you need for the 5 days except your lovely, fresh fruits, veggies and low glycemic snacks. But even that is simple with a handy resource included in the kit with all of the snacks that are encouraged so you can stock up your fridge and pantry in a healthy way.

By eating nutritious, balanced, low-glycemic foods, you can cut your cravings and begin releasing weight without feeling hungry. This is one of the most common points of feedback we hear, “I couldn’t believe that I was not hungry”. RESET will help you get in the habit of eating healthier, exercising, and making long term lifestyle changes.

2 Options: Regular (with chocolate and vanilla) or Plant Based

What is included?

Each kit comes with the following:

  • 15 Nutrimeal™ single-serve packets—USANA Nutrimeal is formulated with a healthy ratio of complete proteins, beneficial fats, fiber, and low-glycemic carbohydrates to help you maintain your energy levels. 
  • 5 USANA® Probiotic stick packs—USANA Probiotic blends two of the most documented strains of good bacteria that help bring balance to your belly and support your gut microbiome.
  • 10 (5 AM & 5 PM) HealthPak™ packets—USANA HealthPak helps you get the optimal amounts of important micronutrients.* It includes
    USANA® CellSentials™ (Vita Antioxidant, Core Minerals); USANA® MagneCal D™; and the CellSentials Booster, which is made exclusively with USANA InCelligence Technology®.
  • Program guide and tracking card

As Your Health Cheerleader, you also get me! By your side, supporting you as you prepare and journey for the 5 days and beyond.

I also love to share additional smoothie recipes to shake it up as well as additional coaching, training, exercises and more!

Ready to get started?