Mr. Poop Knows Poop

A book created to help kids understand their amazing body, digestive system and to help them have a good poop every day!

Below are fun activities for the kids to enjoy!
Additionally, resources I absolutely encourage you to review!

Bristol Stool Chart

A Great Example of Your Plate

Supplements are not created equally. Just like there are higher quality cuts of meat, organic and local vegetables and fruit; there are higher quality supplements!

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Amy Ballantyne

I could never have imagined that in having a baby, I would become very immersed in the world of poop. But it happened. If you are a parent, you know what I mean. Wiping bums, worried about the colour of the poop in the diaper and the size and shape of the poop. It was all consuming.

Now, as a health coach, I speak with clients often about their poop and it makes me sad that people are so embarrassed to talk about something so natural and important. It is one of the ways we can have a window into the health of a human.

As a young child I often experienced constipation. Looking back now, there were many moments I had real digestive issues. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping others with their health, because I know first hand many strategies that have personally helped me.

Now as a mom, I have had one of my own children experience constipation and I understand how deeply challenging those moments can be. Just know in this crappy situation you are not alone!

If you would like to learn how you can improve your own digestive challenges (like pooping) or want help for your child, please reach out and book a free call.

With my whole heart, thank you for purchasing Mr. Poop Knows Poop and sharing this message of health with the people in your life!!!!