Making Your Health a Priority with Amy Ballantyne

Making Your Health A Priority

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by video strategist, Sheryl Plouffe on a topic I am very passionate about.

Everyone of us has the opportunity every single day to make hundreds, if not thousands of choices each day, many of which impact our long term health and life.

Do you struggle with your health and habits around health?

In this interview I share a few tips and tricks for making your health a priority, some of which are fairly simple.

Making Your Health A Priority

Posted by Sheryl Plouffe on Friday, April 24, 2020
Making Your Health a Priority with Holistic Health Coach, Amy Ballantyne

Women between age 35-50 suffer from not making themselves a priority. We have been putting the needs of everyone else first for so long. We are serving everyone around us.

We are conditioned into this continuous mode of service. But I do believe that with focus on the present and focus on ourselves we can make gradual change.

For busy moms, we don’t have to give up everything. You can still be a good wife, mom, employee even when you take time for yourself.

Everyone wants to know, where do you start? There are so many health habits to tackle, all of which are important.

First you must understand what you are most excited to start with, and start there. Build the health habit there first. Gradually, add a new health habit one at a time.

Most of us need someone to be our cheerleader and our accountability person.

“I hold my clients accountable in a lovingly, serious way so they can accomplish their goals”.

If you are struggling with your energy, your sleep, your skin, your joints, your macros and micros, your water intake, your weight, really, any area of your health, I just might be the health cheerleader and accountability partner for you.

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