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I am reading the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and am really enjoying this resource.

It is helping me cut through the crap in order to move my home based business forward.

I highly recommend it.

In the book Hardy mentions the need to be more grateful.

This is quite the buzz word these days with numerous leaders suggesting this topic.

I have practiced gratitude with consistency every night but only for one aspect of my life (my family). I need to expand my gratitude practice to include even more.

Each new day has welcomed me with air in my lungs, a new day filled with possibilities and the opportunity to make a difference. All things to be grateful for.

Darren Hardy offers a great tool to assess your gratitude. I recommend you download it and use it today. Awareness is half the battle in many things. Grab it here.
Another individual who has blessed this earth with her greatness is Julie Boyer.

She is a wonderful friend and business partner.

She wrote 30 Days of Gratitude and it is another book I highly recommend.

Her story is a powerful one, and the book provides a wonderful guide to increasing your gratitude practice and making it a habit.

Get your copy NOW!

I am incredibly grateful that you have read this post.

We have so much to be grateful for.

Take a moment now and begin this practice today.