I want to share three of my tips to have a successful home business with baby or kids of any age really 🙂

1. Time Management

Use your time wisely. Nap time is a beautiful thing and so is bed time.
In stead of sitting in front of the TV as your down time during these time periods, select a few nights you could commit to working on your business basics and use the other ‘TV’ nights to fold laundry, catch up on Facebook, etc. Everything can get done with a good strategy, and focused effort. Which brings me to tip 2.

2. Focus

When you are being a mom – be there. Be focused and present with your kids. Put your phone down for those minutes and cherish those interactions. Your kids will remember the amount of ‘screen time’ you had while they were kids. When it is time for household duties, focus on it and complete the desired tasks for that time period. Similarly for business, focus on the most important (and often hardest tasks) first. Get them done.

3. Celebrate the Small Wins

Just as it is so important to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of your growing children, it is also important to take a moment to celebrate those successes you have had each day in business and in life. If you accomplished getting the floors washed in the am, making 5 successful invitations for your business, spent time with your kids playing after school, made dinner and had 3 people watching an online presentation in the evening – give yourself a pat on the back. Most women and especially moms get little recognition for ALL that they do. So it is important to stop and if nothing else…congratulate yourself with an “Atta Girl” once in a while.