We are almost at the point in time where many New Year’s Resolutions have been forgotten, but seeing as I am an enthusiastic, positive and glass half full kinda girl, I want to cheer you on if you are still rocking those resolutions!!

Although I personally believe that every day of the year provides the opportunity to begin a new habit, it seems as though few people live their lives in this way. Many get stuck in the daily routines and habits feeling as though the only time change can be made is when we begin a new calendar year.
The concept of having a resolution is something I am not a fan of. I believe it lacks the commitment to a real decision. However, if you made a resolution and if you are still moving forward on your path, I am jumping for joy over here on the sidelines! I want to help you make a commitment to your decision!!
As Your Health Cheerleader, I encourage you to keep going, even though many people will have given up by now.

It doesn’t matter whether you have achieved your New Year’s Resolutions in the past. If you have made a real decision about your goal this year and are committing to it daily by taking action, that is what matters. For me the word resolution has lost some of its power simply because of its overuse and lack of follow through for the majority of people. When we hear the words ” New Year’s Resolution” many of us associate it with a very short term goal which will likely be forgotten before January 15th.

As I believe deeply in setting goals and taking action towards them, these are my 5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals This Year.

1) Take Your Energetic Vibration To A New Level
2) Discover Your Connection to Source Energy
3) Embrace Your Inner Knowing & Trust In It
4) The Truth in Your Intention
5) Whole Foods = Whole Body Health

1) Take Your Energetic Vibration To A New Level
We are all energy. We emit vibrations into the universe every single second of every single day.

Our emotions are our indications of the vibration we are emitting at any given time. This is one of the reasons it is crucial to be self aware of one’s own emotional state. For those interested in attracting individuals or things into their life, it is critical to realize that like attracts like. Only when we emit a similar vibration as that which we desire will we bring it into our experience.
Vibrational states matter. If you are looking to make a change in your life this year which requires attracting something or someone into your life, I would encourage taking a look at which emotional state you are in most often and shifting to a state that is aligned with what you want.

How do we shift our emotions and emotional state? Techniques taught by leaders include the state change by Tony Robbins in which you jump, dance and/or sing to shift your state. After taking these actions we often feel a little better; the anger, frustration, fear or lower level emotion has given way to a more positive emotional state. Other leaders have taught us to breathe, journal, meditate or walk out in nature. The key here is to be aware of the vibration you are projecting and practice the options listed to shift if you are not in the emotional state you want to be in.

2) Discover Your Connection to Source Energy
Whatever you believe is completely up to you. Connect to it. Having 20/20 vision means having clarity. What have you learned thus far in your life and what new challenges do you want to overcome? What are you clear on? Who do you have to become in order to go to the next level in your life? These are questions to reflect on, and to ask as you connect to what you believe in. This is a powerful year. One which holds tremendous opportunity.
I personally believe in God and with him all things are possible. Sometimes we need to let go and trust. Sometimes we need to believe and have faith in the unseen.
This is on my list because when I have invested time and energy into this connection, I have seen miracles in my own life. In my opinion we are not alone on this journey and when we allow the divine to support us on our path, nothing is impossible.

3) Embrace Your Inner Knowing & Trust In It
We live in a world that is drenched in fear, doubt and worry. Everywhere you go, the majority of people want to complain about the weather or politics. The majority of people live their daily lives making choices based on fear and worry, often missing out on tremendously positive experiences and opportunities for growth.
This tip encourages you to turn up the volume of your inner knowing which encourages and empowers you. All too often we silence our inner voice only to listen to the judgement and fear from those in our life.
If you have a goal or desire for 2020 or beyond, I encourage you to listen deeply to your inner knowing and take action now. We are born with this tremendously powerful connection to ourselves and over time we have tuned this out.
I encourage you to tune in, to trust and to listen.

4) The Truth in Your Intention
Being intentional in everything you do is encouraged, but I realize that it may be a work in progress for you just as it is for myself and many others.
Many people have a desire to ‘lose weight’ this January or ‘get back in shape’. My guess is that health ranks right at the top of the changes people ‘desire’ but sadly only in the short term. These goals are one dimensional, impersonal and lack the driving force necessary to achieve success.
In order to be successful with these goals I believe it is tremendously important to connect to the deeper intention of WHY you want to lose weight or get back in shape. What is the deeper why? If the intention is to live longer so you can play with your grand children or long enough to see them get married one day, that is a more powerful image to visualize then having tighter butt cheeks. I think so anyways. Connect deeply with the intention beyond the goal and you are far more likely to achieve it. This may take more serious reflection than you have invested in the past, but it is worth it.

5) Whole Foods = Whole Body Health
Even if your New Year’s Resolutions are not health focused, I deeply believe that everything in our life begins with good health. Ask the person who has been in the hospital for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years if health matters in achieving goals. It sure does.
So this tip is about fueling your beautiful body and cells with lovely, vibrant and alive foods that deeply nourish you so you have the energy and vitality to take action toward your goals or your New Year’s Resolutions, whatever they may be.
Take a look at your plate each meal, every day this week. Is the percentage of live foods on your plate less than 10%? Is it at least 50%? Consider that vegetables and fruit provide the nutrients necessary for the 37 trillion trillion chemical reactions that occur each moment. Vital reactions necessary for our bodies to perform the many jobs they do. If your plate has been seriously lacking live foods each day, it might be time to consider filling the gaps in your nutrition so you can experience optimal energy and vitality. Connect with me and I will share my best tips for filling the gaps and felling absolutely amazing. If you have big goals for 2020, consider how likely it will be for you to achieve them if your health was diminished tomorrow. Time to take care of your body my friend.

2020 will be a tremendous year for those who firmly decide to be successful and who make a commitment to the necessary actions which will lead to long term habits.
Achieving these commitments is possible and I hope you will consider the suggestions I have made for you here.
They have made a difference in my life and I truly believe they can support you in achieving what you desire as well.

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