One of the things I have noticed with every successful individual is that they are focused on gaining knowledge, skills and the opportunity to be coached.

In my early days in my health business, I see now that this was an error of mine. I purchased the training CD’s my mentors recommended and kept them on a box on my shelf. They never were opened or listened to. I am not sure how I thought this would help my business but that is what happened. I purchased books, which sat on shelves and I rarely signed up for training sessions. I ‘thought’ I had an attitude for learning…when really I just had an attitude for ‘buying a solution’ and not implementing it.

“I ‘thought’ I had an attitude for learning…when really I just had an attitude for ‘buying a solution’ and not implementing it.”

It wasn’t until I changed my mindset about my business, that my attitude for learning really changed and improved. I opened up those CD’s and I have made my car my ‘university’ or learning space on wheels, because as a busy mom and business owner it is the perfect time to add useful information, instead of listening to the radio. I do want to clarify that for me there are certain songs that move me to action, calm me down, pump me up and make me feel happy. There is a time and place for listening to music and I would never stop listening all together for those reasons. But in these busy lives we lead, other than working out, driving in the car while listening to a variety of audio resources has given me inspiration, motivation, new ideas, clarity and more during a time where I was frequently just zoned out.

I dusted off a few of the books I purchased at the beginning of my business and have made a point to read at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time, however it is much more than I was dedicating in the past. The key here for me, is the dedication and action I am taking to improve the knowledge I have about my industry and my self-improvement.

Finally, since changing my mindset, I have taken the opportunity to attend every training session that has aligned with my goals and this has made a huge difference in my business success. There is something to be said for being surrounded by like-minded people. All of the high achievers in my company attend all of the training events, and in mirroring their behaviors and learning from them, I know that I need to make training sessions a priority for me and my team from now on.

How would you classify yourself in terms of your attitude for learning and improvement?

Do you need to dedicate more time in one of the areas I mentioned?