As I was reflecting about this topic, I had a large calling to speak from my own experiences on how to Boost Self Confidence.. These are simply suggestions from my own experiences, and I hope that in sharing them you might take something away.

I would like to set the stage and tell you a story about a little grade 2 girl who was chosen from her class to be the narrator of her holiday play. When the little girl came home to tell her parents, she was filled with excitement, energy and confidence. She had belief in herself that she could read the 4 page script in front of the entire elementary school. Luckily for this child, she did not have a fear of reading in public, although her parents voiced their concerns (isn’t it great how we project our fears onto our children even without trying to). This little girl practiced and practiced. She read those pages so many times that soon she could recite the entire 4 pages without looking at the script. When the performance actually took place, the little girl spoke with confidence not once looking at the script she had in front of her.

My first suggestion on how to boost your confidence is to Practice.

Approach the area you wish to improve with enthusiasm, energy and an unrelenting commitment to practice and you will overcome the fears, doubts or worry and your confidence will shine through. This is applicable to public speaking, prospecting, following up with clients, being assertive. Many successful people are the ones whose confidence is shining through from sheer repetition.

How many of you can remember a time when you practiced something so many times that you just didn’t need to think about making it happen??

“Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

I recommend taking a few minutes in the next few days to note something you are committing to practice.

I am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing women in my life. But our society has conditioned us to be ultra competitive and we have a very hard time holding one another up and truly celebrating each other. I want to practice this. Because as truly extraordinary women, we should be the Leaders in celebration, so that other women, young and old might begin to see that we have far more power TOGETHER, celebrating one another then when we criticise and compete.

I challenge you to write down fifty successes you have had thus far this year. It’s time to Celebrate!

I would like to share a story with you when I experienced an inner battle of Self Talk. It was last year around this time, my husband and I were in San Francisco (my first time there). It was a work trip for him, but I tagged along to experience California for a few days. On one of the days when my husband was going to be in training for the entire day, I thought I might see some sights on my own. I had seen a brochure for an incredible Red Wood Forest train tour that I thought would be fun. I love being in nature (and when life is so constantly chaotic) I like to take any opportunity I can to rejuvenate in quiet in nature. If only you could have seen my internal battle I was having that morning. Sitting in the hotel room, staring at the brochure, It went something like this…I really want to go to this Red Wood Forest, but it is a two hour drive by myself – what if something happens, I really want to go to this Red Wood Forest to get some fresh air and see these huge trees, but what if something happens to me while I am there – I will be so far away and how will I get help from my hubby, I really want to be out in nature I need some time to think, I can’t go – I am too afraid it might be dark driving home. On and on went this internal discussion – or fight, where my fears battled my inner confidence and need to experience. This went on for quite some time and I am proud and very happy to say, that despite my white knuckles on the steering wheel and my self talk as I was driving through the very hilly roads, I was proud of myself for not succumbing to fear.

We think over 50,000 thoughts a day and most of the thoughts are negative. But with training and persistence we can build up the positive repertoire we have at our disposal. Can anyone relate to having negative self talk?? This is yet another time, where if we strengthen the muscle and practice positive self talk (using affirmations) we can win the battle over our brain.

I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to write down some affirmations that are specific to goals you have. This is an important step in improving self confidence.

It’s important to mention how we can boost self confidence through self image.

Can anyone relate that if you are feeling good about your appearance your confidence is higher??

Have you ever noticed that you have more poise, better posture and are treated with more respect when you are cleaned up? People look at me differently when I have my hair done vs just a pony tail. Would you agree?

What strategies do you use to boost your confidence through your appearance?

  • Wearing pretty earring, wearing scarves, putting on makeup, a cute pair of jeans that causes your partner to tap you on the bum

The take away I want you to remember is that it is how YOU feel when you do these things that matter. It shouldn’t be for anyone but you. And if you feel more confidence when you put on lipstick or fake hair then – YOU GO GIRL!

Now who would agree that losing a few pounds would make them feel better, have more confidence and more energy?

Would you like to start feeling energized and having clearer skin?

This comes down to taking care of our self at the cellular level. Doing something to boost our self-confidence from the inside out. Putting good stuff in so that our cells can perform at their best.

As a cellular health advocate, it is my mission to help everyone I meet to think more about their cells, what they put into their body and how they protect the trillions of miracles that make up the package they are in.

One of the ways to boost your self-confidence is to do something just for you that makes you feel healthier and look healthier at the same time.

The Sugar Detox program is about helping each person, to truly give their cells what they crave (good nutrients) and undergo a true transformation, a true lifestyle change that allows each person to feel happy, radiant and more confident in their own skin.

Now is a great time to make a commitment, to do something for yourself (even though at the end of the day – the quality of your health really impacts your entire family) but none the less, to do something just for you today.

Looking and feeling great is about taking care of the cells in our body. If it is in your plan to make a change in your health, there is no better place to start then with a lifestyle change that will provide you support and guidance along the way.

Making an effort each and every day to boost your self confidence in some way, through practice, celebrating success, improving self talk or taking care of yourself at the cellular level will only lead to your success.

You are truly amazing!