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“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda” John Maxwell



Young Athlete Nutriton

Young Athlete Nutriton

Weight Loss & Management

Weight Loss & Management

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

I help people see and experience the GREATNESS within THEMSELVES.

Health - You might need to improve your health and your body in order to fully realize the amazing person that lives inside. Body image, self esteem and self confidence all improve when you begin taking care of the beautiful vehicle (i.e. your body) which you live in. Happiness is more achievable when you have the energy and the vitality every single day to jump out of bed and take on the day!

Independence & Freedom - You might be someone who needs to be inspired to take action toward your greatest dreams. Maybe you crave the independence and freedom, but feel overwhelmed thinking you have to tackle this on your own. Good news, you don’t!

I am here to support, guide and mentor you to be the healthiest you can be and to attain a greater level of independence and freedom than you’ve ever felt!

“As health professionals and parents of four young boys, my husband and I were looking for something to help boost our overall health and immune systems. Amy introduced us to CellSentials and we noticed the benefit immediately. We were shocked that we felt such a huge difference after the first day! Since then, we've added BiOmega, Usanimals, and BiOmega Jr. We appreciate the quality and range of products for adults and children. We find that we have the energy to get through all our daily activities, as well as our workouts.

I recommend the products every chance I get because I believe in them, but also because I believe in the person who represents them. Amy is knowledgeable and caring, and will help you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. She is energetic and inspiring. Her passion for living a healthy life, in body, mind, and spirit, is contagious. “

Julie I. – Waterloo, ON

How HEALTHY are you on a scale of 1-10?

How satisfied are you with your current level of INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM on a scale of 1-10?

Answering these questions, does something need to change?

If you are not satisfied with your answers, perhaps it is time to reach out and

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