In this 30-40 minute webinar, Amy Ballantyne shares her holistic approach to improving health.


The goal of this program is to provide much needed guidance, support and information about health topics which include eating, exercise, supplementation, sleep, water intake and mental health.


The participants will be encouraged to take specific actions following the webinar to improve their health. Amy is a highly energetic and entertaining presenter, which assists the participants in absorbing the information.


Identify healthy food options, understand portion sizes and plate management, why supplementation can help, strategies for quality sleep and ways to decrease mental stress.


Eating, Supplementation, Exercise, Water, Sleep, Energetic Alignment (Mental Health).


Amy Ballantyne is an Online Holistic Health Coach. Her webinar is available in English. It is approximately 30-40 minutes based on what the client is looking for and can be customized for an additional fee. Maximum number on zoom is 500 people.

“I want to thank Amy for facilitating her “Up Your Health Game” webinar for Sun Life employees. We had over 250 attendees tune in to hear Amy talk about a variety of topics including nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, meditation, and other health tools. Amy was very engaging throughout the whole presentation. It felt like we were listening to a qualified friend rather than a health professional. The presentation was extremely well-received by employees. Everyone felt it was one of the best webinars they had attended. We enjoyed it so much we are having Amy back again to do the presentation for employees who couldn’t make the first one. Thanks again Amy!”

Vanessa Lublin – Sun Life Financial


Any organization looking to invest time and money into their employees would benefit. These topics (and actions encouraged) directly impact the health of the employee which could result in reduced sick days and improve moral.


Participants from any level can benefit from learning, (or a reminder) of these health topics. Many people ‘know’ how to take care of themselves and their health, but often need a reminder of actions to take.

“As we are all home bound due to CV19 and lacking our normal fitness regime, it is easy to forget the essentials to good health.  Amy served up a reminder that it’s the small things that you do that makes a difference.  Between remembering to drink water and to stop and question my snack and meal choices, I am happy to say I am back to my pre CV19 weight.  Thanks Amy!” 

Matt Miller – Star Metroland Media

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