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Amy Ballantyne has been speaking since elementary school. Her energy and ability toAmy Speaking (3) capture the attention of the audience is truly remarkable. She has spoken in front of groups ranging from 10-500.
She is passionate about topics which include health, wellness, self confidence, motivation, leadership, time management, getting involved, the value of time, abundance vs scarcity mindset and more.

Amy favours a workshop style setting where she provides stories and content to highlight the points she is trying to make, but then asks the audience to take action on the content. Amy believes that it is her job not only to inspire a new frame of mind, but also new actions to solidify the content being shared.

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“Amy has the ability to capture the entire audiences attention. With her high energy and exceptional speaking skills she’s definitely who you want to hit for your next event.” Christy Primmer, B.A. R.S.S.W.
Primetime Consulting Services Inc.

Amy Ballantyne is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very privileged to have her on our stage on July 25th 2016 at Momondays Niagara. Her story “Not a Piece of Cake” was a huge success and our audience loved Amy’s humour and presentation. She captivated their attention throughout her entire story. Brilliantly written and preformed, she illuminated the stage with her glowing smile and energy. In addition Amy has the enthusiasm, confidence and a purposeful message that is a reflection of who she is as a person, I am gratful we met and proud to call her a friend.
Ronnie Fisher ~ Host momondays Niagara


“Amy is dynamic! She captures the audience with her smile. She speaks the truth for many woman when it comes to time and the value of it. I watched the women listening and engaging in the activities with intensity and passion. Thank you Amy for being the keynote speaker at our event. I forward to attending Amy’s future speaking engagements.” Donna Simpson

“Amy’s energy and enthusiasm for the topic kept a captive audience.” Laurie

“I really enjoyed Amy’s talk tonight. Amy is an excellent speaker! We all could realte to what she was saying. I liked the expression she shared, “Every time you say yes to the unimportant you say no to the important”. I would love to attend any of her talks in the future.” Mandy

“Amy is a vibrant, energizing speaker who inspires with humour and positivity.” Jill

“Well where do I start? I loved Amy’s enthusiasm and I came away on such a high after last night. I felt like she was talking directly to me, as everything she spoke about I had just done. Her speech reaffirmed within me what I did was right. Amy encouraged me to continue to grow, and learn for myself that personal development, something I have never done before, is vitally important and something I must make time to do everyday.” Maria