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Rev3 Teatox

I am sure you have heard of a detox…well this is the healthy way to kick your coffee addictions and lose lbs at the same time!

This program was created by an amazing woman named Shelly Boudah who experienced incredible results. Check out her incredible testimonial below:

“A few months ago I was an everyday coffee drinker. I couldn’t start my day without it and could never think of a reason why I should give it up. One scoop of raw sugar, a dash of cream and the smell was the perfect start to my day of chasing around two little babes while simultaneously running a few businesses. It wasn’t until I did the USANA 7 day MySmart Start – ( or Sugar Detox), I removed coffee for 5 days and with the help of the program lost 8lbs. What was even more shocking was by two weeks later I still hadn’t gone back to coffee and I had lost another 5lbs. I was down 13lbs, lost my belly and bloated feeling and had more energy than I had felt in a long time.
It has now been 4 months and I couldn’t imagine my day without my Rev3 tea. I don’t feel tired and sluggish or feel like I need another coffee around 3pm which was so normal for me. Starting my day off with something clean and fresh is so much better for my digestion than coffee, sugar and cream, which in most cases went into an empty belly. I created this program with the hopes that it will help others feel the amazing benefits of detoxing your liver and thriving in life off of natural energy.”

This program will affect each person in a different way, but here are results experienced by participants:
• More energy
• Less bloating
• No crash (on your desk or bed at 3pm)
• Better sleep
• More Vibrant Skin
• Stronger more powerful workouts
• Better digestion
• Less of an urge or craving for coffee

What this program includes:
* 28 Day liver support
* 28 Day supply of Rev3 (healthy energy drink)
* A 15 page guidebook
* Access to a Private facebook group
* On-going mentorship and support