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Trusted Product Partner

Choosing a product partner is like choosing a mate.
It takes careful consideration of how a product is manufactured, the raw ingredients used, the science behind the formulations, the third party assessments, the company leadership and accolades. 
After using the products for the last 10 years personally and with clients, there is no doubt in my mind when recommending the Usana products to clients that they are getting the best. Not only does this company have outstanding credentials, the products really work. This makes it easy to share many testimonials from individuals who have given these products a try and experienced the Usana Diffference for themselves.

These products are:
-Manufactured to pharmaceutical grade GMP
-Manufactured in an FDA approved facility
-Scientifically balanced to ensure nutrients have co-factors and synergy
-A team of 60 scientists study the bioavailabilty, absorption and potency
-Numerous third party tests confirming the high quality (Ie. Nutrisearch Comparative Guide, Consumer Labs)
-Over 3000+ professional and Olympic Athletes trust their health to Usana because they are guaranteed not to test for a banned substance
-100% potency guarantee that what is on the label is in the bottle. Usana is truly a product you can trust.

From a customer perspective:
-30 Day risk free money back guarantee on the first order for Preferred Customers
-Preferred Customers have no fees, save 10% on all products purchased
-For those who want to have products every month (or every eight weeks), the auto order program saves an additional 10% (to equal 20% off the products) and can be changed, postponed and cancelled anytime without question.

“People are living too short and dying too long.”

Dr. Myron Wentz – Founder of Usana Health Sciences

This is the reason, I am so passionate about helping people with their health!

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Here are a few programs that make use of the Usana Products
30 Day Whole Body Detox
Rev3 Teatox
5 Day Sugar Cleanse