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Cellular Health

We are cellular beings.Miracle
Trillions of cells with various functions.
It is truly miraculous.
Just look at a new baby to see for yourself.

Every type of cell has a specific purpose. Without the correct nutrient support, many cells are not able to function properly. We need to fill the gaps in our diet. The diet which for many includes an over-abundance of packaged and processed foods.

I ask you to consider this question.

Could you benefit from any of the following??

  • Enhanced immunity
  • Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Supporting healthy brain function
  • Protecting your cardiovascular system
  • Reducing joint pain and enhancing bone health
  • Promoting radiant skin & reducing wrinkles
  • Slowing down the aging process & degeneration
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Supporting healthy vision
  • Stabilizing blood sugar
  • Improving mood & sleep

If you answered Yes… I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!!

Did you know that adding proper, high quality supplementation can support you with all of the above?

I am on a MISSION to motivate and inspire everyday people to take care of their cells and ultimately their bodies; especially families.

Our own family has been touched by better health in so many ways. The greatest testimonial (making zero claims that this would happen for anyone else) is that after experiencing years of severe migraines which required medication, my husband who used to come home seeing spots, puking and suffering in extreme pain, has now been 8 years symptom free because he began improving his health through improved nutrition and filling the gaps with incredible supplementation. It has changed his life and ours.

Another one of my favourite personal testimonials is from my middle daughter, who in her Junior Kindergarten year, only had 1 sick day. Truly amazing!  With optimal nutrition, the body can function properly.

After completing a certification in Nutritional Therapy, and having learned about cellular health from top scientists and PhD’s over the last 8 years I am truly focused on advocating and helping others to become more aware of what cellular health really means! #cellhealthrocks

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Remember, the 80-20 rule. Try to choose better options at least 80% of the time and know that health really is a journey.

Just take one step at a time.


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Here are a few testimonials from HAPPY clients!

“My relationship with Amy Ballantyne goes back about five years but my exposure to her and the Usana Products only began in late January 2016. A coaching colleague had started a program to correct his overall health by enlisting Amy’s support with Usana Products and guidance and an unbelievable amount of positive thinking. I adopted the same program to support my colleague; firmly believing I did not need it since I had no medical issues, no medications and could do anything required. The irony to this statement is by definition I was grossly obese; today mid January 2017 that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Using Amy as a coach and sounding board and certainly as mental reinforcement I have lost over 70 pounds since March and actually weigh less than I did on my wedding day in March 1972!”
Dan Creechan

“After Darryl’s testimonial using Procosa, I had to try it. I used it daily for 2 weeks and I notices definite reduction in the discomfort and in crease of range of motion in both my knees to the point I was able to get into a deep squat (like a baseball catcher) and maintain taht position for an extended period of time. I had not been able to even come close to half squat for a few years. I have also notics reduced pain and stifness in my throwing arm shoulder that was bothering me for months.” Steve Scagnetti

“In February 2016, I met with Amy Ballantyne who is a Usana Associate and family friend. The best part was, Amy wanted to hear what I had to say. She took the time to Listen and Advise, not insist and tell me what I need to do. It was very refreshing. Timing really is everything. When I was explaining to her my history (type 2 diabetic with severe osteoarthritis in my knees), it suddenly dawned on me that I do need to make a change. As of January 2017, I have lost 198 lbs (I went from 425 to 227lbs) and now play hockey 3 times per week and feel absolutely outstanding! You can check out my story.”
Darryl Rutherford aka Ruddzy

“As health professionals and parents of four young boys, my husband and I were looking for something to help boost our overall health and immune systems. Amy introduced us to USANA’s CellSentials and we noticed the benefit immediately. We were shocked that we felt such a huge difference after the first day! Since then, we’ve added BiOmega, Usanimals, and BiOmega Jr. We appreciate the quality and range of products that USANA offers for adults and children. We find that we have the energy to get through all our daily activities, as well as our workouts.
I recommend the products every chance I get because I believe in them, but also because I believe in the person who represents them. Amy is knowledgeable and caring, and will help you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. She is energetic and inspiring. Her passion for living a healthy life, in body, mind, and spirit, is contagious. Our family has nothing but love for USANA and Amy!” Julie Island