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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Are Busy 

If you are an entrepreneur and are taking the time to read this, way to go!!

Often entrepreneurs are so busy that the area that is neglected (until it becomes a huge issue) is your Health.

I like to think of this program as insurance for the NOW, that every entrepreneur, small business owner and even anyone in a management position must invest in. Must is a strong word, I know.

But… when I think back to the clients I have had whose business went south while they suffered with a health challenge for a couple of weeks to a month, it becomes very clear.

Entrepreneurs who priortize their health:

  • Demonstrate greater productivity
  • Spend less time sick on the couch
  • Experience improved focus and higher levels of energy
  • Experience a reduction in overall stress because they have outlets built into their life
  • Overall, have a better quality of life and opportunity for success

So think for a moment. What would happen in your business if you were to fall ill for 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, etc. This is not a situation where your MOM can come in and fill the gap. Right?

If you are ready to take your health (and your business) to the next level, having a health plan in place is key.

I have a few options, so let’s set up a free consultation so I can determine how best to meet your needs!

“I had been working my small business part time for over 5 years until this past January when I decided to quit my day job and jump all in. Now as a full time entrepreneur I realize that stress can really impact my business. This includes stress from health challenges. I realized very early on that I needed to make my health a priority because in my business I am shaking hands alot and handling money. All of which transfers germs and potential illnesses. I don’t have time to be sick as there is no one else who can pick up the slack for me if I am under the weather. When you are the whole show, you have to just keep going. I realized also that prioritizing my health would help me prevent burnout as I am taking my business to a whole new level. Overall, my message would be that all entrepreneurs could benefit from working with Amy to protect their health. “
– Owner of Pink Polkadot Designs (Visit her site here)