Take your golf game and your health to the next level.

Reduce Your Pain & Take Your Game To The Next Level

Are you a golfer who is experiencing joint pain? I may have a solution for you. Joint pain is typically is associated with inflammation and over use. When it comes to our joints, we are significantly impacted in our movement if every time we move we experience pain. Do you want to dramatically reduce that pain?

Click here for the joint health that is changing lives around the world. Best of all, it ships right to your door and has a money back guarantee! Want to learn more? Here is an in depth article about the science behind this incredible product! Take your golf game and your health to the next level!

Shed the Pounds & Take Your Game To The Next Level

Has your mid section grown? Is it causing your swing to be less effective? If the answer is yes, I may have a solution for you. Weight loss doesn’t need to be a big production. I have 2 options to offer my weight loss clients. A Simple, Straightforward program that consists of a gentle cleanse and delicious smoothies and cell nourishing supplements (to combat the ‘hangry’ many ‘dieters’ face. This program requires a minimum of 1 month commitment to get started and continues until you hit your desired weight. On-going coaching and support is included to improve the habits necessary to maintain long-term. Contact Amy for details. An accountability based program, in which you cook all of your own meals/snacks, but the focus is on keeping all of the good health habits and improving all of the ‘not-so-good’ health habits. This process can take slightly longer and is really focused on the long term lifestyle changes necessary to keep the weight off long term. Learn more here! These two options are also available in combination by request.


This client went from 425lbs to 220lbs with the help of myself and the first program option.

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Eating Right!

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This is the perfect time to get extra support! If you are excited to make a long lasting change, I am here to help you create the sustainable healthy habits required.

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