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Energy Work


Meditation Facilitation

As I have grown as an individual I have realized the need to find ways to support individuals in their energetic health.
I have personally been practicing meditation for the past 2 years and have seen a significant difference in my energy and my ability to be present in the NOW. As a highly energetic person, this has been beneficial for me and my clients in a number of ways.

Benefits of Meditation:

Time of Stillness Just for You
Breathing Deeply
Slowing the Monkey Brain
Connecting With Your Body
Replenishing Your Energy
Deep Experience of Calm and Peace
Reduce Stress Hormones: Cortisol & Adrenalin
Showing Yourself Love & Care

At this time I am facilitating meditation workshops and 6-week sessions in a few locations (including Fitness 360 for Women and for a group at Wilfrid Laurier University. I will be starting an on-line abundance meditation group on Facebook coming soon. To join that group early, please click HERE

If you are interested in having me come into your place of work, gym, yoga studio, etc (I am open), please contact me and we can make arrangements!

Reiki – Level 1 Practitioner

Reiki is a clearing and balancing of the energy field, aura or energy centres (chakras) of the body that will allow the body to begin its own healing process. During a Reiki treatment (which requires no touch), the individual may feel heat, tingling or pressure. The best way to receive during the treatment is to relax and just focus on what they would like to have healed.

I have been trained in both Usui and Tibetan Reiki through a Master Teacher who has been serving hundreds of individuals in her community of Oakville, ON for many years.

As I begin my own practice, in sharing this beautiful energetic modality, I look forward to being a channel to help others feel the difference in their lives through this means.

At this time, I will be providing Reiki Treatments at Fitness 360 in Waterloo, ON. To book a treatment, please contact me and we will get that scheduled.