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How Not Winning the Game Caused My Leadership To Grow

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Podcast: How Not Winning the Game Caused My Leadership to Grow

How often have you read or heard something that inspired you, but you took no action from that information?
How often have you allowed limiting beliefs to hold you back?

This is a story about a game that changed my life.

I am a person who reads many leadership and self help books. I have had a passion for personal growth and self development since high school. This content as well as information about health and wellness is my favourite.

It is always interesting to me though, despite the fact that I would label myself as a person who takes a fair amount of action in life, how rarely I act on the lessons I feel inspired by in books, podcasts or videos. I consume the information but it obviously doesn’t impact me deeply enough to cause me to behave in a new way.

Why is that??

For myself, I believe that the emotional connection to the content must strike a deeper cord in order to inspire action. Otherwise life simply takes over.

This is why I am such a proponent for attending in person events or working with coaches.

One of my conclusions with this, and my own personal truth around this is simple. Perhaps it may provide some clarity for you as well.

When I have EXPERIENCED the lesson first hand, (versus consuming the content on my own without an experience) it has propelled me to take more action.

One example of this happened in the end of 2015.
I will preface this by sharing that I have read/watched many leadership resources by John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Brendan Burchard etc. However, this moment in my life impacted me so deeply that it caused a dramatic enough shift which propelled me to take massive action.

I was attending a session called the Art of Leadership by a coach I greatly admire. The content was excellent, but it was one experiential activity that impacted me the most.

After a 9 hour day of learning, we were asked to participate in a ‘game’. Our group was divided in two and given the task.

Thus far in the event, I had not shown up as the leader I could be (or in my business) because of limiting beliefs mostly around not feeling enough.

I recognized the activity, having led it in a former career. However at that point in time my self confidence, belief in myself and my experience was so low . Despite knowing how to ‘win’ the game I ignored my intuition. I dismissed my experience and knowledge. I ignored the voice of leadership within.

All of this happened because I had this belief that the others around the table were better than me, smarter than me, that their leadership level in a particular organization qualified their opinions more.

This was all a bunch of baloney.

Baloney that many people believe.
I know I am not alone.

The story of how I believe I came to this place of low confidence and self belief is for another time.

We proceeded to play the game.
Everything inside of me was telling me to speak up and share my opinion. 
Finally I made a suggestion, but my confidence impacted the level of influence I had on the discussion and few listened. This was on me. Not them.

When we show up with confidence, our ability to influence dramatically increases. 

We proceeded to play the game and following the game the two teams were brought back together for the results and debrief.

What happened next is the turning point.
It actually turned out to be a TSN turning point in my life and business as well.

We learned that our team had lost the game by alot. As a competitive person, I was bummed.
But more significantly, I felt as though I had let everyone down. I felt this in the pit of my stomach. 

I put my hand up to share my experience and thoughts.

This is what I shared.

I shared that I recognized the game having used it in a team building session in a former career. I shared that despite knowing how to win the game, I kept quiet.
What I said out loud was that I didn’t want to ruin the experience for others. What really was going on inside my head was that I couldn’t possibly be right, I wasn’t a good enough leader like ‘them’ to have the answer and they wouldn’t listen to someone like me who hadn’t achieved a particular rank.

Again, all a bunch of baloney that was holding me back and ultimately held my team back from achieving the win.

Luckily, the facilitators could see and read between the lines that my limiting beliefs were in control of my behaviors and my ability to speak up during the game.

Luckily for me the facilitators had the courage to call me out on it because it was a tremendous gift.

The one facilitator looked me right in the eye after my share and said “Amy, you are the worst one in this room. (Harsh but impactful). This is because you knew the answer and didn’t step up as a leader to help your team. You had an opportunity to make a difference but allowed the voices in your head to win out. Where else is your leadership suffering because of this behavior?”

It may sound like something very harsh to say to someone. But it was a great gift.

It was the wake up call I needed to propel me to step up as the leader I knew I could be and the leader I had been in the past.

That experience of losing changed my life.

I share this story in hopes that you don’t need to feel like the ‘worst person in the room’ in order to learn the lesson.

I am here to show that even in losing the game we can learn.

This is important because on the outside I often appear to be a confident woman.

But we all have limiting beliefs.

I am grateful to have had this experience. It reminded me of who I want to be and how I want to show up in my business and life.

Have you had an experience that caused a great shift in your life or business journey? I would love to hear it!

A Nag or an EAP?

Does Your Morning Start with Nagging?

I had a moment this morning as I was walking to school with the kids. I overheard a mom friend of mine, reminding her children that it was time to get going to school. From the tone of her voice and the words she used, I sensed that she had said this same statement multiple times.

This helped me feel better about the number of times I also must remind my children to get moving. The number of times i remind them to brush teeth, to get dressed and the many other tasks that must be accomplished in the morning before school.

It made me realize that we all sound the same. We are all going through a similar challenge in the morning in our own houses, in our own voices, in our own ways. But the reality is that we all ‘nag’ our kids to get moving. Or do we?
The shift I am making for myself and want to encourage others to adopt is the discontinuation of the word ‘nag’. I prefer to reframe it in a more positive statement… I am encouraging my children to take action (ECTTA). I am an EAP: encouraging action parent.

I believe reframing how we see our parenting requirements is extremely powerful. Not only does it put us in a state of being a positive role model for our children, it also is changing the energetic vibration around that interaction and the energy in our own body.

The tone of voice we use and the choice of words we choose also play a role in how we get the action from our children that we desire.

Research has shown that often getting down to their level, making eye contact, giving specific and clear instructions about the action you want the child to take (instead of yelling it from another room, or speaking softly and gently and having to repeat yourself a multitude of times) is more affective.
Additionally how we show respect to our kids when they want our attention and for us to take action will impact how they reciprocate the behaviour to us. If every time they ask for our attention we are looking at our phone and telling them to ‘hold on a moment’, what more can we expect then to be treated the same way. I am trying to be more mindful of my own behaviour in this area. Due to the nature of coaching, I am often receiving messages which in actual fact are not always critically urgent. This is a work in progress. Evaluating the urgency of each situation, but realizing more often then not, my time with my children is worth more and should be given more priority. It is a juggling act for sure.

Repeating ourselves is never fun. It is frustrating. Ensuring that the child is listening first before the instructions are given or the requests are made is also encouraged. We are in a world of noise. We talk about it being noisey for adults – especially online, it is noisey for kids too. They may not be on social media yet (maybe they are) but there is still noise from video games, ipads, TV, radio, battery operated toys and books, other children, animals, the buzz of appliances everywhere, and the noise of a parent simply blends into it all.

I have even resorted to hanging a sign on the front door reminding the children to brush their teeth. This is for me and them. We can all use reminders. For small children the use of a picture chart of the order in which tasks must be completed can be helpful (ie. For putting on winter clothes). Who cares what others who see it will think. It is often a joke actually about how much I must value their dental health, when in reality it is far more simple, I just want them to take the action.
Being present, showing more respect for my children, taking the steps on my end to help them hear the request are all aspects of the EAP approach.
In reality this is a learning process for all of us. For the kids and us grown up kids. We all have trouble hearing and taking action sometimes and need to be reminded. And the next time you feel like you are nagging check your tone, check your words, and remember you are an EAP: encouraging action parent.

Here is another great article on this same topic with even more great suggestions to try. Click HERE

You are amazing. You are enough.
Now say those words to yourself and go embrace your day.

Amy 🙂

Powerful Affirmations

The big question many people ask is why do we need affirmations? Why do we need to be affirmed?

Simply, this technique is incredible as a means to empower one’s subconscious. Through this technique, beings are empowered to act, to accomplish, and to strive for more things. Affirmation truly helps individuals to believe in themselves and to put their thoughts become actions, with actions leading to results.

To create a powerful affirmation you must combine verbal and visual techniques. Anyone can use affirmations to achieve their greatest desire and dreams. However, it is important to note that the power of an affirmation depends on how strong or weak an affirmation is in its creation and the feeling that is associated when practising.

An affirmation is merely a statement made by a person. A powerful affirmation is a statement made using “I am” meaning it is in the present tense and in a positive manner. It should also be accompanied by “feeling” the desirable emotions associated with the attainment of that affirmation. If you would feel incredibly happy to have better health, then put yourself in a state of happiness while saying “I am incredibly healthy”.


Leadership experts recommend that an affirmation should be made up of simple but concise words, and it is more effective when the statement is short. These are mantras that should be repeated numerous times and the short affirmations can bring a lot of energy and emotion.

The most effective affirmations are those which are repeated. This influences the subconscious, which in turn motivates the person into action. When you are creating the affirmation that the words have deep meaning which will promote action. You must believe in the statements you are creating.

One important point to clarify is that repeating an affirmation a million times will not make the affirmation a state of mind. Action is required. You must live the affirmation and have an open-mind and open-heart to take the action necessary for the affirmation to become a reality.

Affirmations have also been used for centuries to boost or confirm another person’s sense of self-worth. It is a great gift you can give to another person.

Powerful affirmations are essential in combating the negative voices we have inside ourselves which are far too powerful. We need to practice daily and strengthen the positive voice which for many people has been silent (or too quiet) for far too long.

Value of Time


Valuing your time is about more than time management. So much more.

As you live each day, you are creating your life.

What you do today – is actually creating your future – defining your destiny – shaping the person you are becoming

Robin Sharma says “There is no such thing as an unimportant day.”

Are you taking little steps to reach your greatest life?

Boost Your Self Confidence



As I was reflecting about this topic, I had a large calling to speak from my own experiences on how to Boost Self Confidence.. These are simply suggestions from my own experiences, and I hope that in sharing them you might take something away.


I would like to set the stage and tell you a story about a little grade 2 girl who was chosen from her class to be the narrator of her holiday play. When the little girl came home to tell her parents, she was filled with excitement, energy and confidence. She had belief in herself that she could read the 4 page script in front of the entire elementary school. Luckily for this child, she did not have a fear of reading in public, although her parents voiced their concerns (isn’t it great how we project our fears onto our children even without trying to). This little girl practiced and practiced. She read those pages so many times that soon she could recite the entire 4 pages without looking at the script. When the performance actually took place, the little girl spoke with confidence not once looking at the script she had in front of her.


My first suggestion on how to boost your confidence is to Practice.


Approach the area you wish to improve with enthusiasm, energy and an unrelenting commitment to practice and you will overcome the fears, doubts or worry and your confidence will shine through. This is applicable to public speaking, prospecting, following up with clients, being assertive. Many successful people are the ones whose confidence is shining through from sheer repetition.


How many of you can remember a time when you practiced something so many times that you just didn’t need to think about making it happen??


“Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

I recommend taking a few minutes in the next few days to note something you are committing to practice.


I am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing women in my life. But our society has conditioned us to be ultra competitive and we have a very hard time holding one another up and truly celebrating each other. I want to practice this. Because as truly extraordinary women, we should be the Leaders in celebration, so that other women, young and old might begin to see that we have far more power TOGETHER, celebrating one another then when we criticise and compete.


I challenge you to write down fifty successes you have had thus far this year. It’s time to Celebrate!


I would like to share a story with you when I experienced an inner battle of Self Talk. It was last year around this time, my husband and I were in San Francisco (my first time there). It was a work trip for him, but I tagged along to experience California for a few days. On one of the days when my husband was going to be in training for the entire day, I thought I might see some sights on my own. I had seen a brochure for an incredible Red Wood Forest train tour that I thought would be fun. I love being in nature (and when life is so constantly chaotic) I like to take any opportunity I can to rejuvenate in quiet in nature. If only you could have seen my internal battle I was having that morning. Sitting in the hotel room, staring at the brochure, It went something like this…I really want to go to this Red Wood Forest, but it is a two hour drive by myself – what if something happens, I really want to go to this Red Wood Forest to get some fresh air and see these huge trees, but what if something happens to me while I am there – I will be so far away and how will I get help from my hubby, I really want to be out in nature I need some time to think, I can’t go – I am too afraid it might be dark driving home. On and on went this internal discussion – or fight, where my fears battled my inner confidence and need to experience. This went on for quite some time and I am proud and very happy to say, that despite my white knuckles on the steering wheel and my self talk as I was driving through the very hilly roads, I was proud of myself for not succumbing to fear.


We think over 50,000 thoughts a day and most of the thoughts are negative. But with training and persistence we can build up the positive repertoire we have at our disposal. Can anyone relate to having negative self talk?? This is yet another time, where if we strengthen the muscle and practice positive self talk (using affirmations) we can win the battle over our brain.


I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to write down some affirmations that are specific to goals you have. This is an important step in improving self confidence.


It’s important to mention how we can boost self confidence through self image.


Can anyone relate that if you are feeling good about your appearance your confidence is higher??


Have you ever noticed that you have more poise, better posture and are treated with more respect when you are cleaned up? People look at me differently when I have my hair done vs just a pony tail. Would you agree?


What strategies do you use to boost your confidence through your appearance?


  • Wearing pretty earring, wearing scarves, putting on makeup, a cute pair of jeans that causes your partner to tap you on the bum


The take away I want you to remember is that it is how YOU feel when you do these things that matter. It shouldn’t be for anyone but you. And if you feel more confidence when you put on lipstick or fake hair then – YOU GO GIRL!


Now who would agree that losing a few pounds would make them feel better, have more confidence and more energy?

Would you like to start feeling energized and having clearer skin?

This comes down to taking care of our self at the cellular level. Doing something to boost our self-confidence from the inside out. Putting good stuff in so that our cells can perform at their best.

As a cellular health advocate, it is my mission to help everyone I meet to think more about their cells, what they put into their body and how they protect the trillions of miracles that make up the package they are in.

One of the ways to boost your self-confidence is to do something just for you that makes you feel healthier and look healthier at the same time.

The Sugar Detox program is about helping each person, to truly give their cells what they crave (good nutrients) and undergo a true transformation, a true lifestyle change that allows each person to feel happy, radiant and more confident in their own skin.

Now is a great time to make a commitment, to do something for yourself (even though at the end of the day – the quality of your health really impacts your entire family) but none the less, to do something just for you today.


Looking and feeling great is about taking care of the cells in our body. If it is in your plan to make a change in your health, there is no better place to start then with a lifestyle change that will provide you support and guidance along the way.

Making an effort each and every day to boost your self confidence in some way, through practice, celebrating success, improving self talk or taking care of yourself at the cellular level will only lead to your success.

You are truly amazing!


Find Yourself, Find Your Independence

I struggled personally with not recognizing myself after baby. Can you relate? I was ecstatic to be a mother but things had changed.

I was once highly motivated, determined, involved in many initiatives, successful at work, organized and ready to take on the world. I had big dreams of making a massive impact but when you are in the ‘poop’ with little sleep the big dreams consist of wearing clean clothes, having a shower and getting a couple more hours of sleep. But a few months into being a new mom, when I had started to figure things out, I knew I had time, and a desire to get ‘me’ back.

If that wasn’t enough, I didn’t want to go back to ‘work’ and miss it all. Kids grow up so fast – when you have one you finally realize how true this is. I wanted to be present and find a way to earn income and use my skills and share my passions…and on an on…I wanted it all.

I wanted to Stay Home with Baby and Earn an Income…

If you answer yes to more than 2 of these questions, please keep reading.

– Are you a mom, who despite running the household (laundry, carpool, meals, cleaning, etc) you still feel as though you are not contributing to the bottom line?

– Are you a mom who wants to contribute to the bottom line, but still be able to be home with baby?

– Are you a mom who is searching for bits of her former self, wondering where the woman she ‘once was’, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has gone? And are you wondering how you can get ‘her’ back even a little bit?

– Are you a mom who has a desire to be a part of something outside the home again (for money, or for mental stimulation or both)?

– Are you a mom who despite the pure joy of having a family, you know you are destined to make a big impact in the world in some way?

– Are you a mom who is working full time in a job outside of the home, missing school events, missing playdates, trying to juggle the rest of the household duties, all while missing out on valuable time with your children for an income that is needed, but at a job you don’t enjoy?

– Are you a mom who looks in the mirror and is beyond grateful for the beautiful babies, the scars, the post-baby body and everything that signifies being a mom and wants to partner with other like minded moms who are making a difference in the world, one family at a time?


Well ladies, the good news is…We can have it all.

I have seen it firsthand.

And it is possible for you.

A beautiful abundant life is waiting for each of us.
Often we need to open our hearts and minds
to opportunities and blessings as they come our way.
We need to be ready and willing to receive
and then ready and willing to take action.

Perhaps you have never considered a home business with a baby, but maybe it is time.


Here are 10 ways a home business (with baby) could change your life.
There are so many more examples, this is just a few.

1. Being a member of a team, achieving something greater than yourself.

2. Friendship and support from like minded women.

3. Use of your numerous skill sets that have been on the back-burner.

4. Personal accomplishment and recognition.

5. Earning an additional (residual) income from the home.

6. Contributing to both your family and the bottom line.

7. Being able to choose where you spend time, when and where you choose to work.

8. Massive personal development and learning opportunities.

9. Full engagement in your child’s life.

10. Finding ‘YOU’ again.


Can you relate? Do you desire some or all of these things?

My vision is an international team of empowered moms who
support, mentor and encourage one another to be their best selves.

Together we can help families around the world,
while we work and  live our life at home and be a Mom-Boss with Pizazz.

As a team, we help people around the globe to create their own independence and freedom.

If you get excited about this concept, if you are a mom who wants more and wants to be a part of something huge.

Take a moment to learn how this could be possible for you.

I am grateful that you have taken your precious time to read this post.
Moms need to stick together.


Understanding Residual Income


Have you ever tried to explain the difference between ‘regular (linear) income’ vs residual income?

When you are new in this business, providing a clear explanation can be tough.

People often refer to examples like being a song writer, or an author of a book. They paint a good picture.

I loved the image above when I found it, because it gives a better demonstration of the differences between the two types of income. I found that it helps to paint a better picture of why we need to create another stream of income in this day.

One of the most influential leaders on this topic is Robert Kiyosaki. I absolutely love his Cash Flow Quadrant and encourage you to go and learn that information. It really demonstrates how creating residual income/passive income allows you to earn the income of a ‘Big Business’ without the overhead, fees, expenses and risk of the ‘Big Business’.

Go now and begin learning from Robert Kiyosaki!


Image Source:

We are Educators…

I am a BIG fan of individuals who are passionate about teaching.

I believe that teachers (especially the passionate ones) are some of the greatest unsung hero’s behind our children – the future of tomorrow.

With so many out-of-work teachers, the point I want to emphasize in this post is that there are other options out there for the thousands of students graduating from teachers college every year in a work force that is SATURATED with teachers.

Sadly the options for these out-of-work teachers are few and rarely allow for their true passion to be utilized. These options can sometimes cause a family to have to move to a new community, to take a drastic cut in pay and even create an undesirable lifestyle (working long hours for little pay at a job they don’t like or want).

Here are a few options I have witnessed teachers doing while they wait and hope for their chance in the classroom:

  • Teach overseas
  • Teach English online
  • Create an online course (udemy)
  • Get a temporary job (office admin, tutor, retail)
  • Continue to volunteer in a classroom without income

There is another option. It may be a solution for you if you are looking for additional income and a chance to ‘teach’.  It has been a great solution for many qualified teachers and provides income and improved lifestyle.

“After moving back here from teaching overseas, I was looking for a way to earn income while I waited to get on the supply list. I wanted some financial security that could fit in my pocket and go with us wherever we went.” JW

I am not a teacher, but have surrounded myself with some pretty amazing teachers over the years. What I have learned that can absolutely change the game for the thousands of teaching students who graduate every year, who struggle to find a teaching job after is this:

Teaching happens in more places than the traditional classroom. If you are passionate about helping people to ‘learn’ then perhaps what you are ‘teaching’ doesn’t have to matter as long as it is content that you can be passionate about.

If you have a gift for helping individuals to embrace new concepts, then I challenge you to open your mind to an alternate solution available, where you can become the “teacher” you want to be.

Are you a teacher finished teachers college without a full time contract?
Are you a teacher with a partial LTO, on the supply list or at the bottom of the supply list?

Are you a teacher looking for the opportunity to share your passion of teaching…willing to be open to teaching and sharing NEW curriculum??

board-106588_1280 (1)


Our tribe is seeking qualified teachers to join our mission.

  • This program is heavily based on the ability to deliver information in a fun, friendly and effective manner.
  • The curriculum is clearly outlined and ALL training is provided for you.
  • The compensation structure is residual (very different from the structure in a typical educational environment which is linear).
  • Recognition and personal growth is a priority and focus.
  • You have the opportunity to share your passion for teaching and improve the quality of life for yourself and those around you.


As a parent I am always happy to hear of the many incredible individuals who enter teachers college filled with the strong desire to make an impact on the youth in our schools.

As a business person I often wonder why people continue to attend teachers college (right now) knowing their chance for landing a job in the school system (for the next decade or so) is extremely slim.

I imagine it must be a difficult decision.

This could be a temporary solution or a full time solution for you. The point is that it is a SOLUTION.

At this moment, passionate and qualified teachers are sitting around by the phones hoping for a job to come up. Is this you?

Why not take the opportunity to check out a possible solution that could be exactly what you are looking for!

A solution that could provide income and time freedom doing what you love: Teaching!

Everyone Wins

I am always filled with emotion when a new team member of mine, changes someone’s life for the first time simply by sharing their story. The enthusiasm, the potential, the inspiration that lights up their face is incredible. It gives me a great sense of joy to know that they are seeing the impact they can have. That it isn’t particularly hard or challenging when it is done with honesty, integrity and from an authentic place.

Every day we share stories and opinions about new movies, new restaurants, and the latest hot video on YouTube. All we are doing is sharing a story. Imagine if every time you shared your stories or you shared your opinion you could actually support someone; you could help a person lose weight or change their health or even turn their lives around?

This is our business. This is what I do every day and what the individuals who have decided to join me do every day. When we share our stories, everyone wins.

We open our hearts and we share what is working in our lives for our families and friends who have dared to listen to what we have to say. Who have dared to see past any of their own fears and doubts (that are self-inflicted) to see that we are simply sharing a story of our own opinion of something that has worked.

In sharing our stories we provide that social proof the majority of people so desperately seek. Are others experiencing the same results? Yes. Are others feeling better? Yes. Are others really enjoying more energy and vitality? Yes.

Sadly what goes through many people’s minds is this. Is it simply a sales gimmick? Well let’s not be fooled. No one stops to question the thousands of sales gimmicks that surround us every single second when we listen to the radio, when we turn on the TV or social media…but when I share a story, about how I have helped someone, people worry about my “sales tactics”. LOL. I am no marketing genius. I am simply an enthusiastic, passionate, determined woman who has a huge vision to help others to live their best, most beautiful life. In sharing my stories, I am able to help people. Those who will listen and who will hear, from my heart that I genuinely care about helping people. Those who see that I genuinely want to make a difference are those who realize that there are no sales tactics here. I believe, because I have seen firsthand, through real results, from real people and therefore I am able to authentically share stories of individuals whose lives have been changed forever.

It is a big win for me, when a new teammate gets energized and enthusiastic, because I know that they are experiencing an even bigger win inside. They are experiencing the feeling of being significant. Just as Jim Rohn puts it “being a part of someone else’s story”. If by sharing a story I can help one person have better energy, lose weight and feel awesome when looking in the mirror, be able to run after years of pain or get a good nights sleep then it is a win. I encourage my teammates to keep sharing stories and I will keep telling my stories, because after all I believe in a situation where everyone wins.

5 Healthy Happy Holiday Tips

Here are 5 Healthy Happy Holiday Tips to get you through the season in a healthy way to begin the creation of a true lifestyle change for the new year!!

  1. You don’t have to push away all of the desserts (it is the holidays after all), but try to push away at a minimum the equivalent of one full sized chocolate bar or more. Do not take the extra helping of sweets, the 4th, 5th, 6th chocolate at the dinner party, the extra slice of pie. Although delicious, the act of pushing away some of those ‘extra’ calories during the holidays will mean you won’t put on the additional weight and be further behind in your weight loss goals in January.
  2. Choose club soda instead of tonic water if you are deciding between these two options. If you are looking for a fancy drink option that doesn’t have alcohol, you can always go for a club soda with lemon or lime so you can have a drink in your hand. Less sugar being added to the bottom line is key.
  3. Schedule exercise into your calendar the day after your holiday party. Go for a walk, attend a class, follow a video on YouTube. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you must begin burning these calories in December. Don’t wait for January to start making exercise a priority. A recent stat showed that 95% of the population does not get the recommended 30 min of moderate exercise per day. Use the holiday parties as your motivation to get moving!
  4. Do something for someone else this holiday season to boost your energy and add more joy to the season for yourself and others. There are many organizations that need help sorting, packing and delivering food and gifts to those in need. Being a part of this will feed your soul in ways you cant imagine.
  5. Be truly grateful. Regardless of your situation, take a moment during this season and be grateful for where you are, who you are and most importantly where you are going. We all need to be grateful for the opportunity we have to experience yet another day, another holiday, another year.