Back to School: Calming the Chaos and Overwhelm

Back to School: Calming the Chaos and Overwhelm

For many women like me, back to school symbolizes two things. On one hand you are extremely excited to have a few moments to breathe in the middle …(Read more)

So excited that this blog was published on Sivana East on Sept 13, 2022.

These tips are easy and practical tips that you can use in your daily life as the stress metre begins to rise. Download your copy of 5 Tips to Bust the Cycle of Overwhelm.


Amy Ballantyne is an accredited Wellness & Life Coach, a speaker and author. In her Signature Coaching Program, she supports clients who want to shift limiting beliefs, patterns and stories, improve wellness habits, reduce stress and create the life they truly desire. Her process is focused on accountability, empathy and support. 

Her product partnership with USANA Health Sciences for the last 14 years has been an integral part of her business. As a Gold Director within the organization, Amy has had the opportunity to share her passion for these incredible, premium level wellness products with clients and on training stages internationally. This is the fuel she uses to maintain high levels of energy to keep up with her 3 active children.

Wellness is so much more than eating and exercise. Taking a holistic approach to well-being is how Amy supports her clients.