Self Love

Healthy Summer Self Love Tips

This summer, I want to challenge you to consider falling in love with… You. Yes that is right. I said it.

Recognize that there is a connection between achieving optimal health and actually showing love and care to yourself and your body.

In my work coaching many busy, working, women (mothers), it has become increasingly clear that self love is missing. Many women want to look healthy, feel healthy and be healthy. But there are a million things that are made a priority over and above themselves. This constant situation of putting themselves last, is what is truly holding them back in all areas of their life.

Self Love Tips

  1. Type the following statement 15 times and finish the statement each time with a new ending. “I feel healthy when…
    The reasons I want you to connect to this statement of health, is to go deeper than the superficial and immediate things that come to your mind when it comes to your health. Dig deeper here. Uncover when you truly feel healthy. Really take time to dive into this question and see what comes up for yourself. It is an important first step on this journey.
  2. Commit to an act of love every week for yourself. Fill in a calendar. If you are really ready to take your health to another level, commit to more than one act of love per week for yourself. Maybe even one per day? How serious are you? (Examples include: bath, a run, reading for 30 min, quiet walk in the forest by yourself, standing in front of the mirror and looking in your own eyes for 2-5 minutes).
  3. Type the following statement 15 times and finish the statement each time with a new ending. “I feel love when… Let’s get serious here. This requires reflection deeper than hearts and roses. I want you to really connect with how you show yourself love and how others show you love. The question to continue asking yourself as you go through this is, WHY? Then keep reflecting and keep writing.
  4. As you rise out of bed every morning, choose a mantra that reminds you of the amazing woman you are. “I am a Beautiful, Smart Woman and I am ready to embrace this day.” Write your own statement which as at least two positive words you aspire to feel more deeply in your heart about yourself. “ I am a _______, ________ woman and I am ready to embrace this day.”
  5. Make yourself the most delicious and nutritious smoothie every single morning to start the day off with a beautiful meal to fuel and ignite your cells. If this is the only health habit you commit to this summer, I know you will feel a difference in your energy, vitality and your waistline. I always enjoy blending my smoothie with my favourite plant-based meal replacement (which includes a beautiful blend of protein, carbohydrate, fats and fibre) so I can ensure all of my bases are covered in terms of the macronutrients needed to start my day and keep me feeling fuller longer. What flavours do you enjoy? What mixtures do you love? Grab my recipe below.

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