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The big question many people ask is why do we need affirmations? Why do we need to be affirmed?

Simply, this technique is incredible as a means to empower one’s subconscious. Through this technique, beings are empowered to act, to accomplish, and to strive for more things. Affirmation truly helps individuals to believe in themselves and to put their thoughts become actions, with actions leading to results.

To create a powerful affirmation you must combine verbal and visual techniques. Anyone can use affirmations to achieve their greatest desire and dreams. However, it is important to note that the power of an affirmation depends on how strong or weak an affirmation is in its creation and the feeling that is associated when practising.

An affirmation is merely a statement made by a person. A powerful affirmation is a statement made using “I am” meaning it is in the present tense and in a positive manner. It should also be accompanied by “feeling” the desirable emotions associated with the attainment of that affirmation. If you would feel incredibly happy to have better health, then put yourself in a state of happiness while saying “I am incredibly healthy”.

Leadership experts recommend that an affirmation should be made up of simple but concise words, and it is more effective when the statement is short. These are mantras that should be repeated numerous times and the short affirmations can bring a lot of energy and emotion.

The most effective affirmations are those which are repeated. This influences the subconscious, which in turn motivates the person into action. When you are creating the affirmation that the words have deep meaning which will promote action. You must believe in the statements you are creating.

One important point to clarify is that repeating an affirmation a million times will not make the affirmation a state of mind. Action is required. You must live the affirmation and have an open-mind and open-heart to take the action necessary for the affirmation to become a reality.

Affirmations have also been used for centuries to boost or confirm another person’s sense of self-worth. It is a great gift you can give to another person.

Powerful affirmations are essential in combating the negative voices we have inside ourselves which are far too powerful. We need to practice daily and strengthen the positive voice which for many people has been silent (or too quiet) for far too long.