Weight loss is such a hot topic these days because so many people are eating an enormous amount of food that generally is too high glycemic (spiking the blood sugar) and contains very little nutrients. The body craves nutrients. I have been supporting people in their weight loss journey through coaching on better nutritional habits (ie. understanding the process of low glycemic eating) as well as through exercise programs.

I love to see studies that look at whole foods (fruits and veggies) that can support weight loss in a low glycemic and healthy way. This one study followed men and women over the course of 24 years and suggests the following fruits and veggies provided body weight changes. This is not rocket science. We have known for years that high fibre and non-starchy foods can help us to feel fuller longer, so it is no wonder that the following foods are listed here.

1) Cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts and broccoli

2) Berries, pears and apples

I would recommend adding in these options and removing 1-2 packaged and processed options per week. The changes you make need to be sustainable otherwise you will not stick with it.

Another resource I have shared with individuals is a great video which helps individuals to understand a few simple suggestions which can help boost your metabolism. Sometimes you just need to put the pieces together in order to create a plan that can be the right fit for you.

I wish you all the best in this journey to optimal weight.

It can be a roller coaster at times, but if you make a REAL, firm decision to achieve a healthy weight that is often the first step on your path to success.