As someone who is becoming a professional speaker I am ready and willing to learn and be coached.
I am guessing since you are reading this review that you are also interested in improving your speaking skills and possibly becoming a professional speaker. Perhaps you are also at the point where you want to begin booking speaking engagements.

Seeing as public speaking ranks as the greatest fear for the majority of people, learning how to overcome the fear and improve the message as well as the delivery of the message is crucial for success in the industry.

I purchased the Brian Tracy – 6 Figure Speaker course, have gone through the information and here is my personal review.

Brian Tracy is an excellent trainer. His teaching style is straight forward and to-the-point.
I found numerous aspects of his teaching to be new information and things I had not considered as I am still at the beginning of my speaking journey.

Pros of learning from Brian Tracy and his speaking program
– He has been in the business for over 20 years and many of his stories are honest about mistakes he made. I like that I can learn from his mistakes instead of making them for myself. This is incredibly valuable.
– He is authentic in his teaching. These are his own stories he has gathered from personal experience.
– I feel as though he has gone to great lengths to provide the information in different formats (video, audio CD, book, workbook). This allows the student to consume the information in the way that works best for him/her. I particularly have enjoyed listening to the audio because I do a fair amount of driving and like to have a “university on wheels”.
– He provides information on the ‘nitty gritty’ of what a speaker needs to consider; right down to the set up of the chairs for maximum comfort of the audience.
– I really liked how the pdf of the workbook and the audio were sent immediately so that I could begin listening to the info right away.

Cons of the 6 Figure Speaker Training program
– As with anything, you cannot become an expert overnight. There is a lot of information to consume.
– It would be helpful to have a training plan – an order of which resources to use first.

All in all, I was very impressed with the information presented in the course. I will continue to use these resources over and over as I prepare for my upcoming speeches. Learning is an on-going process and reviewing the material and putting it into action is the only way to improve.

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